Monday, February 26, 2007

"M" by Madonna

Madonna is back, and this time, her Madgesty is sharing her fierce style with the world! Well except for Malawi, they can't afford H & M there. But I heard they have a few orphans, want one??
To have a sneak peak, clicker here:

Love her or hate her, the woman is a bloody fashion ICON! The colllection is actually looking quite great, and I am not just saying that because I am a fanatic of the Queen. H & M, in fact, does quite a decent job in creating unique and stylish prints, at an affordable price. I myself have a few pieces from there.
For those of you who shop at Old Navy, just STOP! Go to H & M, it is less punishing for the eyes of innocent children who have to see you sin with your fashion misfortunes. THEY ARE INNOCENT!
I will be the first to say, it is not like Madonna is doing this because she needs the money! We all know that she is more loaded then an A-K in SOUTH CENTRAL!
But what I will say is, it is nice to see someone of that has not been afraid to express herself, hey hey, hey hey, through her style, monopolize the mainstream fashion world; and in the process, make everyone look a little more stylish. Oh Madge, you dayum sexy INDUSTRY! Can we get together?


Oscars 2007: Dykes and Dreamgirls

Ok, let me get this out first…Shoooooooooooooooooooot!
What can I say about the 2007 Oscar broadcast? I cannot deny that as usual, the show was way too long and boring. I think that instead of playing music to cut people off, they should just have snipers. Every time you go over 10 seconds, you get shoot at. The snipers start with your kneecaps and work their way up. By the end you will look not so “Hollywood.” Come on people, you know you feel me on this.

But, after taking a puff or two, having some yummy make-out sessions on the couch to break my boredom, I did realize something: This year was the YEAR OF THE DYKE!
Firstly, Ellen Degeneres was so much fun. I like E-Deg, always have. But again I ask, who didn’t know she was a dyke from her early hair-do’s (or in this case, hair-don’ts). YOU WISH!

E-Deg did a great job hosting and I did enjoy her glam-dyke outfits. On the other hand, Melissa Etheridge….YIKES! Now that was pure scary. SCARY! No woman, especially a lesbian, needs to wear a silk shirt (thanks for the inspiration on this one, my lady). She literally looked like a scary Hilary Clinton, on CRACK. I mean, I appreciate her for the songs she has done in the past and her thick skin, which has allowed her to get through some scrutinizing times. But come on! Do we need another white woman angst song?? DO WE? It sounded like every other song that I know of hers. UGH.

Now, we move on to the DL Dykes. By no means am I trying to say that they are good at being on the DL, but too the world they are on the DL. Par example, Queen Latifah, AKA: The RACIST! (Please ask if you would like an explanation). I mean the only thing this Cover Girl is covering is her sexuality. Who are you fooling, honey? You look like a line backer and you probably have pussy breath.

Next, Jodi Foster, like ummm yeah dude. However, unlike Queen Latifah, I think that Jodi Foster is motivated more by the fear of the lack of privacy, not the fact that she is ashamed to be gay. In fact, one reliable sorcerer I know told me that Jodi has been in a relationship with a woman for a few years now. But lord, does that woman look awkward in a dress, and has no clue how to walk in heels!

But now I will come into my favourite part of the evening, The Dreamgirls! Though the movie was not great, they captured my heart! J-Hud, OH MAMA! The woman was born to be a star. So much so, that she even outshines Ms. Beyonce Knowles. I was literally jumping on the couch when they were battling, like a Baptist lady that is exercising demons from her body in church. In the name of our Lord and Savior, JESUS! The three ladies put Celine’s performance to shame (though she and her thir-teen brothers and sisters come from-ah petit town in de Quebec…and she is la premiere chanteuse danse la monde!) But seriously, Celine needs to lay off the fake tan bottle and fire her hair stylist. I will admit, Celine is a guilty pleasure of mine, but she made far too many drag queens happy yesterday with her mash-up eye brows and overly contoured jawline. MON DIEU!

I am digressing, focus. Ok, back to the sassy trio. Really, the Dreamgirls just affirmed my fantasy to come back as a sassy black lady in my next karma-cycle. Nothing is more exciting to me than three big voices battling. Intense. J-Hud was clearly not the best acting performance this year, but she deserved the win as an example that--dreams can come true. She literally is a dreamgirl. In fact, her singing led me to have my third stigmata in this lifetime. I think the best performance in this category was given by Cate Blanchette in “Notes on a Scandal,” a complete must-see, heart-tugger. Cate is my favourite dramatic actress today. She is absolutely captivating and nails it each and everytime.

But is was nice to see an underdog come through, and you could literally see the shock in J-Hud’s face when she won. Go on with your fierce self, mama! I, as many others look forward to hearing J-Hud connect to us, and preach the truth to us, through her magnificent voice. Just amazing!

I will leave you with this thought. Think about how many non-Americans won Oscars yesterday. What is Hollywood without a good dash of curry powder? BLOP BLOP!

ONE VOICE. ONE LOVE. And I am telling you!!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Waiting. Waiting in Vein?

Lost, not knowing whether to run to someone, or hide from them. Sound familiar? Feelings, relationships & love are all peculiar and delicate areas of ethereal pursuit. If there is one thing that I am aware of at this point in my life, it is that I am seeking love and fulfillment in a partner. I am ready for love.

As those who know me are aware, I went through an intense and most valuable martyrdom after the demise of my first love. I was literally a bird with broken wings. The story goes, she quite abruptly left me, and the exchanges of mental warfare after, was violent. My insecurity actually left me not knowing who I was, I just knew what I frantically wanted her. I did not care about anything else. Dear desperation. The loss of having her as my concrete foundation screwed me up. I realized my co-dependency on her; I had lost myself in her.

This was a real scary realization. Crying became my only way to express myself, and pain and desperation was all I could output. I was literally broken and lost. It took time to heal this wound in my heart and mind, and only with the support of my family, friends and a fantastic epiphany, I was able to pull through. What was the epiphany, you ask? That I had infinite love around me in so many forms, and this was just a lesson in my journey of self-discovery and realization. Love does not disappoint, people do.

Having this revelation changed my life forever and still, holds to be the marker of my rite of passage into Parulism (if curious, just ask). Karma is a strong universal law that I have deep faith and dedication to believing. What goes around comes around, what you give will come back to you in good time. But the problem seems to lay in the fact that it seems that many individuals seek to take from others, but have little to give in return.

This is what ThunderpussGeisha knows she has tucked away neatly, for the right person:

{She has lots to give, more than you could ever imagine. Enough to feed your mind and your soul. Oh yes, the satisfaction will linger on the tip of your tongue and you WILL only want more. She is the best sort of addiction.} Love rain down on me, down on me.

But as I have discovered, seeking and having are two very alternate realities. Through the process of growing into an adult, I have been jolted around to the left, to the left. But my intentions have always held firm. My desire is to peruse a satisfying, an equal and forever-challenging relationship. I want someone to push me, and I want to push her. Commonalities are important, but an opening of my eyes to things that are of foreign knowledge, has also grown into something very attractive to me.

I have gone from having someone, to just holding someone to holding on to someone. I don’t want to be desperate for anyone to love me. But I still want her to yearn for me desperately, and vice versa. To be wanted by someone, and want someone is a most powerful and life altering state of existing. By letting all your inhabitations go and just going for that which you want, you can feel more alive then ever. But, we must consider that timing must be right. Not for one person, or the other, but for both parties.

But when is the timing ever right?? It seems at the end of the day, we are still pawns in the universes twisted plan. Ok I will confess--I am growing impatient!! When will this assembly line of damaged goods, reveal to me, someone who is capable of self-maintenance, long battery life and most crucially, someone who has been assembled with care, to assure dependable quality??!! I am not unrealistic, people! I just don’t want bullshit.

Bottom line, it is never easy to let someone in. Really, it is a risk. Not to sound like a bitter butch (AS IF!), but I, as many people I have in my life, have grown weary about the true intentions of many who seek a relationship. It seems that many singles out there are looking for ALL the wrong reason! For example, many just seek comfort in having someone around, the routine of having someone to come home to/be with. However, though Mary J. tells us, she just can’t be without us, we all know we can make it alone, we can make it alone, we can make it alone! That is, with some love and support of our family and friends.

I think if we all took a little more time to self reflect, we all could seek such great satisfaction in the things that already surround us. But it is always important to stay positive, and in no way am I trying to deplete the gratification of a relationship, or the happiness it can bring to your life. In fact, I am a pathetically, hopelessly romantic fool! I believe that there is one woman who can fulfill all my cravings, and I hers. But this leads me into my next point. If you are still damaged goods, take time to heal and grow into yourself. This is common sense. Life is never an easy ride. We can be presented with personal challenges, that we must overcome alone. It is key that you do not fear these tests. Take them on with a fighting spirit, in the name of love.

Don’t try and be that which you are not. If you not someone who seeks a monogamous relationship, then don’t lead anyone on. Just be honest, or you are a coward. Don’t be afraid of outside judgments--just go about your own way. You know what makes you feel contentment, so don’t make your obvious desires invisible, It is easy to be a liar, but it is not easy to be honest with yourself. Don’t make this mistake; it will end up haunting you in the future.

Life is funny. This is my current crossroad: Having someone beautiful before my eyes, and not being able to have them...yet? I have nothing intelligent, confident and wise to say in this matter. It seems I have great advice for everyone, but myself! I suppose patience was the one virtue that I never possessed. When I fall, I fall hard. When I want someone or something, I want it with all my heart. But I suppose that this is when you and I can come face to face with our true humanity, our desires and our needs. When do you hold on? When do you let go? When should you put yourself aside, to allow someone else to grow? Can you be patient, understanding? Can you allow someone to pull away from you, parts that he/she has already given to you? Just remember, good things don't come easy.
I suppose that I, like anyone else, am a student of life. So I will learn. I gotta find peace on mind.

“Love is life, life is free. Come and take a ride with me.” -Erykah Badu

My pursuit of happiness continues…..

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Going Postal is Out...GOing Commutal, is IN!

Lord, give me the strength to get through this entry. As a commuter, who has been traveling into Toronto for many years now, I am closeto loosing my mind. Why you ask? GO TRANSIT, I say.

For those who are familiar with the commuter life, it is a given that in the winter, draggin your ass outta bed to travel into the city is quite an uninspiring and painful task. But never, EVER have I ever expereinced the hell of commuting until I became a regular user of GO Transit. There is a problem EVERYDAY. For example, today my brother and I sat on the train for 43 mins, waiting for departure, becasue they could not get the doors closed on the train. Can you imagine??! I would be considerate if the delay was once in a while, but this is everyday.

The reasoning for these delays range from mechanical difficulties to....well, no explanation at all,! The sound of the Trini woman at Clarkson that annonces this exciting news to me each morning, haunts me in my dreams. I wake up shaking with fear that she is gonna pour hot sauce in my eye balls and make me into a Mini-Trini. Nooooooooooooooooo!

What plagues me the most, is the amount that these scoundrals charge us to ride the damn train! When I was a wee lesbian, I remember a return ride from Mississauga being close to $6. Now, a return trip from Clarkson runs you close to $10; a ten ride $50; and a monthly pass $160! Jesus, for that much I should be riding VIP in the "Pope Mobile." SHOOOTT!

Never, in Europe or most other places in North America can you get away with this shhhhyyt! The GO Transit serves more than five million commuters living in the range of 8, 000 square kilometres. This is an astonishing amount of people that are using the GO as their primary means of getting around the GTA. I am incapable of grasping how they suceed in charging their commuters, one-hundred-million dollars and still squeek by with providing dogey, unreliable service and generally, mentally tormenting their commuters with delay and unprofessionalism. The Tube in the UK puts us to shame!

Everything to do with GO Transit is a mess. I remember many mornings, close to 9am, that my sister and I woudl wander around Clarkson looking for a parking spot; only to not find one. Eventually, she gave up and came up with a solution (though many can't even do this)! My Dad drops us to the GO in the morning, and keep the car for the day. This is a evident problem, when a commuter can't find a space to park a vehicle prior to boarding transport. This should not be an issue. Many have complained about this issue to the GO peeps, but nothing has been done. The reasoning given is that apparently there is no area for them to expand the parking. I say...that is absolute BS. There is a huge empty lot that they could expand on the south side of the station. You, as a provider of transportation, must do what you need to do to accomodate the people who are pouring out thousands of dollars to utilize your transportation service. I don't care what they do, just make it happen. Hold cars on your head if needs be.

Now, to further make my blood boil, there is a threat of a possible GO Transit strike! CN union says it will do `everything in our power to try to keep GO out of this fight,' but service disruptions likely." Across the country, CN employs 3,000 conductors, 109 assigned to GO Transit trains. In a January 31st article, in the Toronto Star it states: "A strike would come at a difficult time for GO Transit, which has already gotten off to a bad start in 2007, with below-freezing temperatures causing switch problems and many train delays."

I am close to loosing it people! Ever so CLOSE! Beware, I might just have to slap some GO workers to make myslef feel a little better. The Trini might be first because of my pent-up past bad expereinces with "her-kind." Pray for me and every commuter that rides the GO. Let there be peace on my commuting earth. Amen.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Subpoena the Stupid! YOU ARE SERVED!

Lets make this one, short and sweet! Just like moi!

I have no toleration for stupid people. Like Andy from Little Britian, "I don't like it!" Lets admit, you and I, the intelligently-poverished essentially waste our oxygen supply. They consume our depleting clean air supply to fill their empty heads. This is only escalated into further damage, when they throw this rank pollution of stchupidness, back into our atmosphere. Shame on you! Have you heard about the disappearing ozone layer?? SHAME!!

For the sake of environment and the survival of our children in the future, do us a favour?? (Yes, I believe the children are our future!) Either throw yourself in a dark ditch, or just refrain from ever speaking again. Nothing you say, or ever will say, will bring about a solution to world peace, or put an end to starvation. Your words drip out your mouth like a bad case of the runny diarrhea with the stomach flu. Just shut up bitches...we don't got time for your useless and blasphemous minds! YOU WISH!

Ode to Angie...

Please forgive me if you find my topic of discussion to be over-exposed. But please grant me the opportunity to allow my flowerful ideas to blossom through the vessel of this gracious beauty….OH ANGIE!

Stay with me. I understand how one can become agitated by the manner in which Angelina has been masqueraded through the media carnival, only to undergo a metamorphosis into Brangelina—a most curious glorification of a mergence of coupled-celebrities into a hyperbole persona. But please consider my analysis of Angelina, as a body of curiousity—her most appealing exoticism, her ability to juxtapose deviancy/motherhood, and finally, her non-conformist sexuality.
I will admit, I find Angelina quite enticing, from her early days in “Foxfire” as the edgy, Margaret “Legs” Sadovsky, to her haunting and eerily accurate representation of psychopath, Lisa “you are already dead!” Rowe. I am content to submit my religious worship to the female entity, and Angelina’s presence has inspired me for many years now.
Before Brangelina transformed into a mega-media-monster, Angelina had already found a home in my heart and between my thighs. As a woman that loves women, thoughts of Angelina as my wifie, has encouraged my imagination to start running wild. I will be the first admit, I am a huge celebrity whore—consumption is part of who I am! I just can’t resist the ladies looking so damn UM! For those who know me, they are aware of my, HIT-IT List (which I will reveal to you at another time!) Let me reveal to you what ThunderpussGeisha finds attractive in a woman; Angelina, you shall be my muse.

Exoticism—Angelina has an aesthetic appeal that leaves you tantalized with wanting to know more….more….more. She clearly does not look like the girl next door. She has mad whip appeal. This leads you with the determination that if she were yours, you too could master the art of being good at being bad. You feel me? She has a presence that demands attention. With her unique presence and hauntingly deep-coloured eyes, she appeals as creature of PROVOCATION.
I am aware that exoticism is historically; a term that is intertwined with the politics of identity (non-European ethnicity is usually a marker); but Angelina is a modern, mixed breed, hybrid-hottie. You know those lips are not North American—YOU WISH! For the many times that I have fantasized about having those lips on various parts of my body, I say thanks to Mama Marcheline, for giving birth to the Eiffel Tower of luscious puckers!
What is more appealing about a human attraction, then glancing into a lover’s eyes and sharing an energy that promises being discovered and discovery? I am helpless for a woman that lures me with her unfamiliarity, hypnotic grace, arousing mannerisms and delightful self-confidence.

Deviancy/Motherhood: Yes, I know that it is quite interesting to place those words side-by-side, even if separated by a slash. But we should all be agreeable of the presence of the element of fantasy emerged within the female, virgin/whore dichotomy. “Only the one who hurts you, can make you feel better,” so once, the Mother of Reinvention said.
While culture regulates that women are most desirable when piously wholesome, gender-submissive and neatly domesticated, this is clearly a crock of crap. This can be refuted when looking at the Japanese Geisha, or the Italian Courtesan. These women were the Angelina’s of there time! They, like Angelina, were able to socially and culturally negotiate what was desirable in a female companion. Angelina’s “dark” and “non-conformist” sexuality (vials of blood around her neck, shaggin’ boys and girls and refusing to be categorized! SO Refreshing!) is an intelligent visual indicator that she has surpassed the boring redundancy of the chaste virgin imagery, and entered the realm of super-sassy whore! I am sure that her deviancy extends beyond the realm of tangible, and translates into some kinky shit in the boudoir.
Point 1: Deviancy. Angelina playing with knives. A Edgy action that emotes a stir that causes you to cross your legs a little harder. “I’ll teach you how to fuck!” There is something that makes me chew on the edge of my lollipop stick a little harder. Angelina is an overtly emotional woman—hence her fascination with both the fragility of life, and the inevitability of death. I think she would be kind of saucy as an embalmer/UN Ambassador. Often, we as women are called bitches because of our refusal to be socially obedient pawns.
[Flagellation shall condemn our sinister souls! We should make babies and cook! YOU WISH!]
The female psyche, shaken and not stirred with our heightened emotional capacity, pushes us to act as hyper-sensitive creatures. We seek salvation within our/others emotions. AJ is a prime example of this theory.
Point 2: Motherhood. Oh how many times have I pondered about kidnapping Maddox, and making AJ fall in love with me? Translation: one big happy, United Colours of Benatton, family! I am a sucker for a pregnant woman; it is a really sexy evolution that seems to encorage women to grow aware and less selfish (hence, men NEVER learn!). I am not implying that women should care for themselves after spawning offspring, in fact the quite opposite. All woman should splurge after popping a head out their vaginas!
But, when I did hear Angelina talk about how motherhood had forced her to re-assess her self-destructive nature, and realize that suffering extends far beyond the pity-party for one—oh god, I felt touched by her angel (NOT Della Reese!). Angie makes motherhood look sexy, hip and she looks DAYUM good doing it!
In conclusion, I love me some AJ! Don’t hate her because she is more attractive then about 99.7% of the population. She is straight out, a man-woman eater! EAT ME!!
Many women, who seem to inspire me in my life, like Madonna and AJ, have an un-canny ability to be resistant, un-afraid and stimulating. Evolution only occurs through re-invention. “Have you re-invented yourself?”

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Let's Get it On in PUBLIC: Even Venus Got Blown

Oh Daddy, don't you wanna be my soldier?? (Kelis, you a sexy beast) What is with the thrill of having a good shag in public?? Could it be the insatiable thrill of being caught or seen? maybe heard? Or is it just because as humans, that is what we do...WE FUCK??!! Either way, I loves me some sex in public.

For those who are just straight out horny, some wackin off or fingerin is recommended. For those sly mo fo's who want to take it to the next level of naughtyness, oral sex can be finger lickin good! And for those who are jsust dirty dirty, a little exit only action can lead to some backhall BLOP BLOPS! Privacy is so passe--that is an institution for the blane, weak of heart and well...B-O-R-I-N-G!

The fact of the matter remains, everyone should try it. JUST DO IT and DO IT WELL!!

Here are my recommendations on where to boink in the great outdoors. To get you started *W*

1) Movie theatre: Lord knows when they turn off the lights, the fun can begin. Begin with some light patting. OH MY! Some dirty eye contact that says "I see you watching me and I know you want it...but it depends on how you kick your game!" TLC--this is essential! Kids, it does not get much better than a slushie (or know who you are!!) and a nice wet spot in forming at the bottom of your pants. GOOD TIMES.
2) Intermisson at a Show: Under the assumption that you are attending a production that has either got you mentally stimualted or physically aroused, why not take that and make some good use out of it. The sensation of "rushing" on a performance and then performing yourself on someone is absolutley delicious. Don't always be greedy...please and you shall recieve compensation when you enter the realm of the afterlife--good karma comes to those who are charitable and giving. GIVE GIVE GIVE it to them! When the orchestra strikes back up, or the annoying sounds warns you that the show is about to begin again--finish that job! Don't forget to swallow!
3) Against a tree--and/or in the park: Now this is pure instinctual. MAN make fire! Oh maybe that would work back in the days of the caveman...but honey, I would rather just a bomb diggity orgasm. Tease me, till I loose control! Something about having your ass up in the air (Jesus, I am revealing myself to be a promoter to sodomy quite freely!) and the wind blowing against your lucious bosoms. This is also a great place for you to show your power in the making sexy. Be easy, submit yourself to pleasure and vice versa. And don't forget to be safe and have fun!

Ok, so enough about that raw, layin it down gangstarr shit styles. ThunderpussGeisha...focus.

There is always the sheer joy of when you is feeling someones flow and knowing that you desire to please them anytime and anywhere. Now that is really SEXY. Don't be shy kiddos! Lovin is made to give, unless you En Vogue, then you ain't neva gonna get it. I suppose what all this leads back to is this. Enjoy it! Be naughty and nice and, if you have someone around that inspires you to feel da dee...DO IT!! If Venus came out of her shell to get blown, so should you! After all ladies, you are a GODDESS!

I will leave you with this interesting fact...about gay men (in case I have offended them by not calling them GODS--or wait, GODDESSES--I am confuzed):

Public sex is far from a new phenomenon among homosexuals. 15th century Florence was like the San Francisco of Renaissance Italy. Its pederasty subculture was so out of hand that the Uffiziali di Notte (Officers of the Night) court was formed to prosecute sodomites. St. Bernardino of Siena described the sodomites thus during 1424-1427: “the ‘wild pigs’ had special meeting places at special times of the night, and congregated at taverns, pastry shops and barber shops (barbers often acted as pimps).” Some of the locations where boys could be picked included Borgo Santo Apostolo, Calimala Francesca, and Il Tetto de’Pisani. Three-fourths of the men arrested in Florence between 1478-1483 in the age range 19-70 years were unmarried, and some of these men were arrested repeatedly. Too much gay sexin it seems--in da public!


Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Visions of the Motherland....Out of the Cold and into the LIGHT

...cold, cold. Oh you very cold on my chocolaty, smooth brown skin. Ok, so when winter hits in Canada, I mean this -26 BS, I ponder as to why my ethnic-ass lives in this state of chapped skin, painfully frozen body parts, and mental torment??!! When I think about entering the winter tundra, there is a look of severe damnation that penetrates through the very core of my being (though some often believe this is my vagina, it is not true...well...ummm...yeah?!).I have recently been speaking to my friends and famigila, all who are suffering from what the smart folks on the news and the highly qualified medics of our country call "seasonal depression." You know what I say tho these folks who are suffering from winter blues??!!--move away from this place in the winter-RUN!

Here is how I feel: I like winter for the 3 days that encompass the build up for the suspense and excitement for the arrival of the baby Jesu! But after that, I am so over it! I like warmth and I realize that it is rare that in is warm and snowy. Though I will admit, those few days we do get of those warm-snowy weather are fun for strolling and judging.Clearly our ancestors were FAR MORE intelligent then we are, and ever will be. What do I mean by this, you ask? When they were paddling around with their fancy head-dresses looking for new lands to settle they came across Our Home and Native Land .

Being fierce they stopped, built some wheels, created fire and tamed the animals to be they're spirit guides---but then something happened!! What is the white dust falling from the heavens above?? What’s this, I can't wear my minimalist animal skins garbs? (yeah runways of MILAN, so original...YOU WISH!). Either way, they called a tribal council, sat a realized that this complex situation of God's dandruff shedding all over their highly toned bodies, and the winds that made there penis' hide inside of them and hair just look all dry and in need of some Infusium--was enough!! They got back on their boats and paddled right the fuck home. HOME! Yes kids, let them inspire us to get up and leave this state of seasonal emergency.
For all the folks who enjoy this weather (white people mostly), have fun. I will be chilling in India on a elephant, eating Masala Dosa and going for walks in the market looking for FIERCE saris. A girl can dream, dream of a place where I can nuzzle myself in-between the fat layers on my fat auntie's stomach, have her sing me Indian lullabies as I fall asleep to a vision of a beautiful landscapes, with monkeys jumping around to "Chunnari Chunnari." I long for this escapism/ day my people. One Day. MOTHER INDIA!

Monday, February 5, 2007

I'm Going to Tell You About Love.....

How many times can a girl dream about emerging from a disco ball and commanding the UNIVERSE with a whip!

Ladies and gentlemen...tranis, sodomites and mediocre looking folks who have little hope of survival without good style...let me introduce myself. You may call me ThunderpussGeisha. I will be your guide through my eyes of diaspora, bitterness, insanity, uncompromising optimism and spiritual enlightmenment (yes folks, I mean smokin FATTIES). You will quickly find me to be judgemental, obscene, humourous and refreshingly intelligent. Fasen your seatbelts, wash your sex toys and deminish any concepts you have of pop culture, culture,/religion, society, sexuality and gender. This woman gonna FUNK YOU UP! My desire is simple, to make you may may disagree....but I shall push you TO THINK. Thanks to Madonna for her continual inspiration (gay men got nothing on me--YOU WISH!) To my gay husband, we are commin at them like the New Jack Swing hit the flava fan in the early 90's! BLOP BLOP! My heart belongs to you like acrilic nails did to SWV. Faithfully yours D.

.....come with me