Tuesday, December 29, 2009


The way I have fallen for you is tender. Over the nights of sleeping beside you I have slowly grown to want this wonderful to be constant reality between you and me. I can smell you on my pillow - I can breathe you in my air long after you are gone. I want to keep you tucked beside me, allow your sensual lips to become the sensor to detect my endless limbs lustful longings. You are my spotless minds submittal for poetic conditioning. I want to wake-up as often as I can beside you and say how much I love you, that I want to cherish you for the woman you are and the woman you are yet to become. The way I want your womanhood is without limitations.

Travelling through my lovestream in speedy desire I want you to take control of my body’s functions towards self-actualization. When you have your tongue in me I can’t help but believe in God, for I feel out of my body, possessed by some sort of ecstasy that is beyond simple mortality. Your body naked against mine, so strong and agile makes me feel safe beside you. I tremble from the thought of you wanting me the way you do, I have fallen so softly into you. The tone of your sweet voice is calming and pure - the touch of your creamy skin sends intoxicating shivers through my soul. I am happily drunk on you.

Not only am I your lover but your admirer. I respectfully envy your creativity and marvel at the thought that I may inspire you in your expressions. You have forever touched me; I forever want to touch you. Won’t you come lay beside me and we can listen to the wind blow the snow and I’ll keep you warm with foolishness and laughter? After we can think about what it is that we can do together, tell each other that we don’t need but want one another.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Soul Scribe

Do you see me for what I really am? I am the tallest mountain to the clearest, purple sky. I will make tender love to you endlessly when you crave affection, it will be my pleasure to give you all of my sweet attention. Come rest beside me at night while the moons smiles upon us and we tuck in tight. Our flame can last for an eternity if you allow yourself to be free to me, succumb to my love spell without hesitation or redundant contemplation of selfish negativity. I will never fail you because I am your hero, I am your friend, I am your teacher, I am your support, I am your lover. I am beauty with no foreseeable end. Rise beside me when the sun caresses our skin with the purity of its rays, look into my eyes to see my soul bare truth. I have come as your saviour to lead you towards all that I believe: love is everything and everything is love.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Prolific Familiarity

Fresh out of breath from the poundings over time that had impacted my chest, I lost the importance of respecting simplicity and pacing the rest. Never forgetting to search for a love that was consistent and firm, pure and true, I longed for an impressive instant in which irresistibly would melt one and one to become entwined two. In an attempt to release this sacred hope I got on my knees and prayed for our strong hands binding together whenever we needed each other. I felt every crevice of my being placing a bet that we would withstand the fading of time and the measure of space. I had a vision that we would find a way to survive keeping our spirits together forever through the fire and the rain, above the dust and through the pain. That no matter where I traveled when away from you, I could still turn to you. I could close my eyes and feel that one beautiful smile from your perfect lips would be worth more than any indulgence or material worth. My curly hair resting upon your pink skin, I would listen to your breath as you speak and become a sanctuary for me. To your arms I would always return home.

I thought of myself pacing like a mad woman to count the moments before I could see you again, the franticness that I needed to breathe you in again. With you there would be no beginning nor end, for your kindness is constant and would drive my soul to finally understand prolific familiarity.