Monday, September 30, 2013

Daily Deep Dose

Focus involves the ability to adjust when needed. Life is a serious of unpredictable moments that merge with synchronicity. What will come you cannot know, but you can be sure that what lessons need to be received will be presented. Focus remains central to any path; what allows you to remain faithful and healthy in body and mind? Take these energies as a way of reacting with positive universal chemistry.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

PP Power Jam #31: Call Your Girlfriend

I have a deep love for Robyn - this song is divine.

Get Together

The Women Friends


by Gustav Klimt
If you place your hands on my hips, you will see how easily I can rock open for you. I am the one who will hold you closer when you feel insecure and kiss you to take your breath away softly each day. I will be more than a woman. I am every woman. Let me keep you dear. I know that life can be so messed up, but if we put are troubles together, maybe we can make sense of it all. I may not have it all figured out but I feel you under my skin --  it makes me want you more. Won't you receive me? I feel that burning hot desire in my chest and between my thighs when I think of you. Won't you fuel my fire if our flames meet? Woman to woman our thighs collide. Won't you make me bright,
I want to burn for you inside of me.

Daily Deep Dose

A deep satisfaction comes when you realize that you're blessed to live an inspired life. Let your passion precede you & guide you towards making a worthwhile contribution to the world. Exchange ideas & art & listen to all those who believe in positive manner. Be the change. The need for compassion far exceeds the need for possession. Give yourself the chance to see what lays in store & let breath move you towards what's in-store. Be true.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Daily Deep Dose

It is impossible for you to show yourself, until you honesty know yourself. Gain access into insights from your past actions and reactions. What made you feel whole, what left you feeling like there was a hole in your soul? It is because of then, you know now, a truer and stronger version of yourself that was waiting to emerge. It is not worth dwelling on what was never yours to hold. Close your eyes, shut off the static left behind.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Dive to the very bottom of the sea, so you are able to see, just how capable you are of resurfacing to breath away worries.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Daily Deep Dose, Series Update

Hi friends and readers. The DDD series will be on-hold for the next few days. Thank you for reading and connect soon! Xxo

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Daily Deep Dose

When compounded adversity strikes it can be overwhelming exposing years of trauma, grief and repeated mistakes. The struggle can seem endless, sleep a distant stranger and anxiety too familiar. Some days hope seems a distant friend, when the mind continues racing without end.  All we can do is take it day by day, hoping the end result will be a peaceful place. 

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Daily Deep Dose

The way I am is the way I feel. I deserve to feel happy because when I shine my light brightly it never disappoints. The turns and twists, round and round I go. But no matter health is vital to my survival. I will do my best to let go of what's not mine to keep and say goodbye to negative energies that drain me - including a nagging critic in me. Lead life with freedom, embrace the bumps along the way.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

PP Power Jam #30: Drowned World/Substitute for Love

 I am slowly coming back into myself, for now I am sure, there is no substitute for love.

Daily Deep Dose

Opportunities come in all shapes and sizes. Before you draw a diagnosis of your circumstances, evaluate if you're being challenged to see situations from a different side. There is no limitations to what you can achieve when you're optimistic about the lessons you'll find to live a more fulfilled & balanced life. Keep your long-term goals as focus always. Don't be stressed by anyone's actions, only be aware of your reactions. Treat yourself right.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Daily Deep Dose

Take responsibility for your actions & admit when you make mistakes. Sorry is a word that is too often absent from vocabulary. Mistakenly, an apology is seen as a sign of weakness. However it is only human to feel weak, so that when you are strong you can fly to the sky & remember what's worth the risk to fall: to love through it all. Forgive yourself for bent moments & recall that you are worth it after-all.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Daily Deep Dose

There is no substitute for love. As humans we all have the capacity to have compassion for others & ourselves. Extremes can permeate from either direction, some are unable to show outward affection, others need to be more gentle with themselves. Either way, we all bare all burdens. It's when we acknowledge these imbalances we're made to face our fears, even if there's undesirable, restless struggle.

Sunday, September 15, 2013


Lessons come in all shapes and forms. When you listen and accept you realize the beat of the rhythm that is made with every action and reaction. Some of these beats are outplayed move by move. but most occur naturally without choice. The lessons you are meant to learn will come, it is for you to put together your purpose and the core of what matters to you.

Lately so many lessons have been coming to me in the form of the people I invite into my days. Some times it is advice from friends that may be a little hard to swallow, other times it is the modest reply of a enticing and dangerous interaction, or one that seems eager to connect. The fact of the matter is I want to listen, I am being told it is time to change again.  I want to be ready for higher love and authorize all it's mischievous ways.

Learning to give myself the same time and generosity that I wish to share, I need not resist the movement of motions towards higher consciousness. Each aware human follows the path of evolution. You cannot learn the lessons you are needed to until they reach you. Until someone comes along at shows you that you want to be better then before, that that old act is getting old and no longer feels comfortable. The moment you realize that you want to explore what capacity you have in-store, no longer the reactions you know are behavioural and will hurt you in the long-run more. I am given these emotions for a reason, let me change frequency from digital to analogue and listen to the voice within.

Daily Deep Dose

Raise the expectations you have of yourself, to make sure you are taking care to the best of your abilities. Don't push for what doesn't come naturally, but strive for what doesn't come easily. Peace of mind allows peace of heart to come more sustainably. Loving yourself is more noble than being codependent on others for care & consistency. The truth is, you are the only constant in your life. Release your soul. 

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Daily Deep Dose

Laying in the park, staring up at the tall trees and fireflies surrounding me, it came to me. The beauty of this moment depends only on me. There is no time to wander about moments gone by, or question why certain exchanges came to pass by. The truth is that people always reveal their true intentions & limitations. It is up to me to determine if they place a valid effort enough to be in my life. Only then, should I reveal my sweetest sides.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Epistemological Roots

We are all born alone and we all die alone. We are born and will die to be with peace. We all emerge from where we come. All the pain that resonates from yesterday lingers from what others did not say, or said too late. Whether it is the encouragement we sought from our siblings, the pride that we were rarely shown by our fathers, or the weight of seeing it all carried by our mothers. No matter how much we love ourselves and seek to achieve what feels right today, we are all slightly damaged from the tenderness we never received, be it emotional, physical or spiritual.
The Family Album, by Angu Walters
 The touch of an ex-lover before coldly saying goodbye, the smile of a stranger who captures our eyes, then gets on the train and continues his/her ride. We are all shaped by experiences, whether this is perceived as a positive or negative experience is strictly our ability to rationalize and accept the shortcomings of our fellow humans. It is best to recognize that we are all so vitally complex. That we are unable to say what we never heard back in the days. Or perhaps the way that we are able to go about showing ourselves is reflective of the ways we were encouraged to express ourselves. Over-emotional, under-amused, over-intelligent, under-sensational, we are all just fumbling away from the shadows of the past. How we function with that shadow is a choice. Whether we are covered by its masking or we chose to walk by its side.

Look in the mirror, not for the sake of vanity but to see what the body has manifested of the spirit within. Does what pushes us determine our worth, or is our worth determined by what pushes us? What is it that we are trying to relay or leave as a legacy? Is what we seek in others what we lack in ourselves? Never ask for anyone’s time if they are not able to share it, never beg for anyone’s affection if they are unable to show it. Accept people for who they; the most imperfect perfection and reflection of a lifetime of jaded and hopeful experiences. Nobody wants to be alone.

Daily Deep Dose

I long to fall asleep. Each night I lay awake in search of myself, trying to quiet my anxieties & fears, not sure what's in-store for me to continue to challenge myself. Silent desperation & restless inhibition make me feel prescribed misery. I still remember all the effort I have placed into escaping pain & remaining true to my values & hopes. Sleep don't resist me, my spirit needs regeneration & healing. Free me from unproductive state of wake.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Daily Deep Dose

I am always so humbled to have friends in my life who love me without prejudice and recognize my willingness to evolve. I am thankful for good advice and conversations that allow me to see things from different perspectives. I realize that I need to let go of control and the expectations of how I want things to go. I need to push myself beyond the boundaries of my comfort, and be less emotionally reactive as a result of not being able to go with the flow. More than anything, I deeply recognize my readiness to loosen-up and enjoy with gratitude, the ride life has in store. Open my heart, but teach her to be more intuitively smart. 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Daily Deep Dose

Push against the grain & you'll only encounter natural resistance. The second you came into universal existence, you were embedded with powerful motivation & passions. It's up to your determination to make the translations flow. Being persistent with the things that return equally to your desires is key. To love is far more powerful than being loved, for you can't give what isn't received. Don't be afraid to recognize lows.

Nothing Fails

No one has ever fooled me more than I have fooled myself. I have ignored the feeling in the pit of my stomach and hopefully formed a smile on my face. I have faithfully meditated that if I omit good intentions, things would go my way. I have quietly faced my fear in moments I knew that things were not right and eventually, it came out as insecurity and an emotional explosion unfair to those facing me. Who better to make me happy than myself. I know that I know about my needs and limitations best. I have been willingly lured by the temptation of a lovers touch at night, an ear to confide and the vulnerability of revealing my insides. What has always driven me is my need to love and share the beauty I have found inside my heart. But what happens when it all falls apart on the outside, and the plan goes astray from the hopes in-store? Each day I know something more then I ever did before. Now if only I can quiet my mind and believe in that one day the woman I seek to accept me in all my sensitivities will come my way. Until then I will trust the process and do my best to positively share my story. There is no glory in being ashamed of being this way. I'm doing my best. 

Monday, September 9, 2013

Distinctive Whole

I will set my soul on fire for you, just to be close to you. Take notice of what`s in front of you, I am a one with equal to none sexual liberation. Come and get it if you want some. Long, lingering, lustful looks to transform your reality into savoury feelings all over you. Realizing together, the way our bodies and minds jive is inherent ecology, beyond any categorization, social implication or mundane rationalization. Even at the bottom of the sea, I would reach to you and caress you  kindheartedly. I would find the push to put aside my fears and dive into the shadows of your mind to stand with you. Even if I could not see you, I am confident I could feel you. I think you would feel me too. After our lips meet and we exchange breath, I would stay grateful for long as we can stay that way. Submerged in knowing the ease by which our hearts come together, we could build dams of discovery across the endless possibilities that we will uncover together.

The Wisdoms of Life: Through the Eyes of Crazy Eyes

MY GOD, I love Orange is the New Black SO MUCH!! I just needed a minute to escape work and I came across this.

Daily Deep Dose

Emotional maturity isn't easily attained. Often expectations for fulfillment are tightly held in-line with achieving results. However, emotions are non-definable by nature, so in a controlled state, they become dull. Emotions are free sensory nodes to help navigate relationships with others, nature & yourself. Let go of emotional dependence & instead celebrate the love surrounding you. Protect your most human asset. Love starts in the heart.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Psyche in Cancer (Oh my GOD, this is me)

She is the empress of hearts, a woman of profound nurturing instincts and compassion. Some wince at the 'lame duck' guy - she only sees a swan in waiting. Her all understanding mien attracts many not-so-suitable suitors. Spookily she's able to morph into whatever guise feels most appropriate for the circumstances. Yet this Psyche must take care to say attuned to her own true needs and avoid wandering around lost in the desire-driven projections of others. Highly emotional and intuitive, she needs a lover to cherish her extreme sensitivities.
- Mystic Medusa's Soul Mating

PP`s Power Jam 29: Four Page Letter

This song makes me wanna make wanna woo someone beautiful....

Love Slave

Life can be sad because it is mostly blind. There is no way to decipher if two similar organic molecules will activate or inhabit intent with everlasting vibrations, or sizzle reaction and melt way. Being alone is the only way to realize how to survive - to fight for your right to be healthy beyond any encountered ailments.

I mediate to feel safe listening to the pounding of heart, exhaling meaningful values without inhaled fears.  It’s time for loving. Don’t worry about me; I am stronger than even I believe. Just love me.

Where the heart takes you, quietly follow. Let your mind and soul rise to ignite freedoms sight.  

Do you remember me? Can you feel the familiarity of my breath on your perfect skin when I whisper your name sweetly? Playing by the rules only results in loosing someone arbitrary. A lover or a friend.

Before you, I offer unquantifiable intentions but stand assured, if you put me to the test, I will always try. Touching, feeling, growing to connect, no matter how independent you are, you will crave my tenderness in moments.We could fool around and lay in the sun hand-in-hand.

To rock a lover low, kissing lips while smiling, scrubbing the pomegranate body wash over each other’s bodies, rarely loosing eye contact. You and I are the performers on the stage tonight, but the house lights are low and there is no audience to grade our performance. Let me show you how to feel like a star.

Loneliness is the most perpetual lamentation when these arms aren’t holding you.  Life can be sad, but like I always do, I will monologue my heart, tear myself apart and begin with a fresh start. Love shine through, without you I have no purpose to come through.

Daily Deep Dose

What I make of my experiences, I communicate through emotional words. As time has gone by I've been emphasizing less of the perspective of how others make me feel, now being fully aware that I am the creator of my own reality and processing. Why do people make us happy, why do people make us sad? Delve inside yourself and realize the provocation of yourself as a reactor should be the sole reason to explore & seek more.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Daily Deep Dose

Today I surrender knowing that it's more mature to let go, than hurt anyone, including myself. Though my emotions feel heavy & I miss very deeply, I believe that all the work I've placed into bettering myself makes it worthwhile to continue with faith. Stubbornness must resign. Timing can be such reality, not even all my affection can diminish restriction. So with my heart I send love daily. Set her free & if she feels inclined, she will return to me. 

Friday, September 6, 2013

Beautiful Suprise

One day she started swimming away from the shore. The pull of sharing her affection with no limitation was the ultimate draw. She realized the magnificence of the ocean and she could not help but want to feel it more. Eventually she learned to embrace the gentle push and shoves of the waves, and when it came time to be playful, she would toss and tumble and embrace her troubles away. She swam and swam for all of her life, and then one day she was slapped with an unpleasant surprise. Her feet began to feel torn and her heart worn, yet she realized there was not a place to rest in sight. She had gotten so far away from the shoreline; she had in fact lost sight. She had the intention of exploring the infinite possibilities of natural treasures that hid under the water, but now she could not see the beauty that surrounded endlessly, just the merciless and devouring blue sea. She realized in that moment just how vulnerable she was, that crying was without merit for it would just bleed until it hit the surface of the water, but then be no more. For many days and nights she waited for someone to gravitate towards her by seeing her inner light. She felt in her best moments is shone extremely bright. Then one evening, to her sudden surprise, a small shipped seemed to be approaching her with calming vibes. Could this be the one to save her life? Joyfully she waved as she realized it certainly was heading her way. Quite a distance away, she knew that she had to remain patient before it would reach her way. For days she mimicked the actions the ship would make, hopeful that she would be rescued and made to feel human again. What felt like an eternity of waiting, eventually the ship came within reach. She washed the water over her face, cleansing all the sins of her previous mistakes (mainly for naively swimming away). She smiled and with what little energy remained in her body, pulled herself closer to the vessel, as to lend a helping hand. Face to face with the stranger that had come from out of nowhere, she felt revitalized like a charged battery and ready to face her mistake of swimming so far away. Without a word she looked up and saw the silhouette of a beautiful and thin woman. From the reflection of the moonlight, it was the kindness in her eyes that most caught her by surprise. “Why is it that you have come for me,” she asked the stranger, “you don’t even know me.”  With nothing but grace, the thin woman reached out her hand and lifted her to a safe space. “The reason I came is because I could see your light all the way from the North Bay, which is some 300 miles away. I knew I had to come to you to remind you how to swim again, for you had given up on intuitively knowing the way back again.” She looked puzzled, was this thin woman going to kill her and leave her to die? “Remember that you know the way and you made it worth my while to head this way to remind you, sweetness, now swim away.” Then the beautiful stranger took her hand, kissed her softly on the cheek and pushed her back in the water.  

Daily Deep Dose

Judge no ones position but your own. Whether or not circumstance have created the ideal situation, that isn't what matters in the long run. The purpose of living life is to give chance a try and keep faithful to enjoying the ride. Don't try and change others for what you wish, this is immature and idealistic. Instead find what drives you to aim higher and meditate on positive matters.

Thursday, September 5, 2013


I know the smell of her. The way she lingers when I feel the pit of my stomach open when I see her relax. Every risk seems possible when I watch how beautiful she is. Flaws dripping down her back, us working together to make magic. Hiding behind stubbornness, I conquer a side of her that that slows for a minute to touch my skin and think of releasing control. A headache.
Fools of the heart will make the same sacrifices over and over, just to live with passion like Christ. I wonder if she thinks I am something special. What is it she is saying to me; hold me tenderly. I am shy but sometimes I let down my guard, despite what you may perceive of me. Lay your head on my pillow and don`t be afraid. I am here to open your positions, baby please stay. I can`t hold strong without your paper weight.