Monday, April 9, 2012

Family Ties

Family ties. Whether they drive you nuts, lecture you, pressure you or love you unconditionally - we are all born into this hereditary unit. Whether we are Christian or not, there is no denying that Jesus gets most people around the world quite a few days off per calender year (thank you JC!). These few days for me are spent with my family. Sure I have to consume lots of wine to make myself a little more merry, but at the end of the day I know that my family is united and together we stand strong and proud. Perhaps dysfunctional-graceful in some way.

Nobody comes from a perfect family, and growing will always lead to intense discussion, criticism and observations by your family. However of one thing I am sure, my family has always allowed for me to be a strong, proud and artistic woman. My Mother has always taught me to work hard and be free to be me, and my Father to "get the job done right, cancel out the bullshit and never undermine my worth." I think those are the strongest messages Ma and Pa could send me that allow me to be a confident, young professional.

Thanks fam. Though this Easter I was with my partner's family, I carry you with my wherever I go.

Monday, April 2, 2012

New Jack Playback: Janet Jackson "That's the Way Love Goes"

This song is so sexy. This was when JJ was at the top of her game, prior to the popping tit incident that seemed to have shocked the world. She really needs to keep making music with Terry Lewis & Jimmy Jam! That is the magic combo.