Thursday, January 30, 2014

Groundhog Day

Accepting our humanity, but not limiting ourselves to the vessel of our bodies and the confines of our minds, is not an easy task. What our bodies and minds feel directly reflects the way in which we have have been treating ourselves. It's much more tempting to be harsh and judgmental of ourselves, then it is to be gentle and attentive. All too often we wear ourselves thin unintentionally, because we try and carry to much of the weight of others in our shoulders. But the simple truth is that burdens are not healthy to bare beyond the weight of the lessons they are sent to teach. We must rescue ourselves from the abuse of our own hands and thoughts. It's dangerous flirting with negative perceptions and habits, for before we know it, much like a groundhog we patiently are awaiting to see if we will once again emerge from the dark whole. Hope is contingent rather than absolute. Life can be tricky and hard, it can be confusing and unpredictable. But no matter what this moment feels like or is like, it does not define us completely.  Our thoughts and our actions are living and breathing organism, and each day we birth them. Simply taking a moment to close our eyes and realizing there is so much more to existence that what our bodies allow us to realize. Then gently opening our eyes and being grateful that we are given this life to be alive, and have the ability to make a difference not only in ourselves, but others. May peace be ours to always recall, especially on the darkest days of them all.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Daily Deep Dose

For all those who are suffering, know that you are not alone. There are friends and resources that can help you, so that you can heal and remember just how special you are. Mental health is the most important self-care measure, for without a healthy mind there is little resource available to heal and be happy. Life can be hurtful, hectic and sad, but know even in moments when you don't believe in yourself, others believe in you. You are truly loved. (Thank you)

Monday, January 27, 2014

Daily Deep Dose

When ever I have a setback, I look to my Mom as my inspiration. Her generosity of spirit, her heart that is as deep as the sea. No other woman has ever meant so much to me. When I feel scared or low, just the sound of her voice and I know I can go on.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Daily Deep Dose

To love another in an unselfish and thoughtful way is a bold act of kindness and remarkable intention. To have no expectations, yet simply share the love that your heart carries with enthusiasm and a gentle smile, because someone has inspired you to feel so. For me, though my heart has been broken deeply before, I would not trade the opportunity of opening myself and embracing passions allure. Nothing has lifted me more than love. 

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Daily Deep Dose

The mind and body are made complimentary to work closely together, to keep health and heart at there optimum peak. Never ignore the signs when one signals that something is off. The human body is a complex operating system and the mind downloads all the information it receives to process experiences and feelings. Take care with the utmost awareness and respect for the journeys life navigates. 

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Daily Deep Dose

Hope is the only reason to keep on keeping on. Dreams will come, happy moments will pass. These things are defined by a certain feelings in time. But hope is everlasting and with your spirit combined, they can overcome adversity and suffering and remain guiding lights for all time. Do not attach yourself to anything or anyone that does not let you feel hopeful. Most of all, keep hope alive, no matter the price.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Daily Deep Dose

The most natural way to set a positive path for the day, is to take the time to meditate with mindful breath. It's amazing how bodies naturally succumb to relaxation and focused awareness through this powerful state. It is with breath that all forces of life pass through, and with each exhale worries and frustrations are set free. Remain still and quiet to regain balance and remember total harmony comes naturally, just believe.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Daily Deep Dose

Surround yourself with people who believe in you. No matter the challenges that face you, they will cheer you on and assist to pull you through. Great relationships are based in bonds that have evolved far beyond words, into kindred connections that are unmeasurable in worth. Trust that those who belong will stay and let go of all those who have gone away. The past is laid to rest with them, it's time to be grateful for today.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Daily Deep Dose

Success is not measured by garnering the desired end result. In fact, it is more about how persistent one is at perusing aspirations, hopes and goals through quick- thinking and adjusting according to circumstances. Typically the master-plan does not play out as swiftly as the creation of a utopian desire, so it is key to accept all the ups and downs and remain focused on remounting the horse, even if one falls down. Life is not an easy ride.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Daily Deep Dose

Nature is the most impressive teacher, for it allows us to realize the synchronicity of all our planets creatures. We often believe ourselves superior than other species, but in truth the domination we celebrate has come too often at the expense of many beautiful animals being abused and misused. Compassion needs to extend far beyond the human race, to all that are born free with mutual respect and equality.

Daily Deep Dose

Jan 13/2013

Living a balanced life involves making active decisions that allow you to be happy and healthy. Being idle in mind and body does not allow for physical and spiritual graduation, while being over-active in either encourages an unsettled existence. Don't deny what you need, movement and stillness to nurture your seed and move towards a harmonious state of being.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Reign of Captivity

Kali, Hindu Goddess of empowerment, change and destruction.
Sorrow is not sweet, no matter how it is shaped or sold. Silence is golden, if you can calm your anxieties and are not frozen in time. Hopelessness and defeat can rattle the core of your brain. Around and around your mind spins with little faith that suffering will ever end. It is not that you are not trying, it is that you have come undone. Though life has not been cruel to you, your strength is worn and you don't no where else to go to allow your spirit to soar. It is not that you don't have faith, or understand the power of love - it is now that you have fallen completely apart, you are able to make a brand new start. While you have kept your head above water, the traumas that flung themselves at you one after another, no longer belong in the present moment. You are new. In order to heal and regain peace, you must let free your mind and heart from the reign of captivity

Daily Deep Dose

Thank you for your patience, I'm back!

Don't hold on to the past, for after grief and mourning dim, you must be resilient enough to last. So many memories accumulate as life passes by, but in order to grow, I'll pay my dues and be humbled by all lives little pleasures. Claim my place under the sun and remember my strength in heart. External reflections of love may come and go, but I won't let myself go.