Thursday, August 28, 2014

Daily Deep Dose

Everyday you become a little more like yourself. Don't let anything block you from shining through the magic within you. Don't be afraid, for if you allow peace to be with you it will never go away. No matter how stubborn you will be, your destiny will be - it's in the cards. Don't fear your trauma, don't believe that your past feelings define you. Place your hand on your heart, take a deep breath. You are reborn each day.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

American Tragedy: The Loss of Micheal Brown

I am trying to understand the magnitude of what Micheal Brown's loss means to all of us. As long as racism damages our communities, our neighbours and friends, there is no sense of justice and human rights. Racism is systemic violence. Until there is no racism, no sexism, no homophobia, no injustice or bigotry- I feel there is so much work for me to do - and for you too.

May we never forget that the outrage and sadness this tragedy has shown, every humans life matters and African Americans were emancipated long ago - let them be free!!! We still have a long way to go as a human race. Rest in peace young man. We will remember you.

Daily Deep Dose

Failure does not exist when it comes to personal growth. Rather, each experience presents you an opportunity to grow.  So rather than thinking negatively, let all tension go. Focus your energy on that which is now, exploring opportunities and possibilities that wouldn't have presented themselves  if everything stayed neat and controlled. Your thoughts have more power than you know, so learn to observe your patterns and release those that take a chaotic hold.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Daily Deep Dose

Slowly she unraveled what all along she had been chosen to see. There were no false pretenses or fears of what others expected her to be. The people and experiences that caused her grief and stress had crippled her enough into unhealthy anxiety. She began to regain some sanctity and with it belief in her very own abilities.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

PP Power Jam #36: Monument

Robyn is my favourite new-generation pop artist. I love her honesty and creativity and find her on my headphones all the time. I can't wait to see her later this month in Toronto with Röyksopp!!! I love how she is just herself.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Daily Deep Dose

Freedom is liberating, as it gives you perspective that anything is possible if you attract what you believe. Release yourself from the tense hustle and instead take it nice and slow. Remember things may slip temporarily away from you, but you can retrieve passion at any time. Your soul will always come home.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Daily Deep Dose

Your calling comes when you listen to your heart & let go of the blockages in your body. Awareness takes the lead & the past only builds foundations for opportunity. What holds you back from being at your best is yourself, it's a snap decision. Where did this all begin - everything goes so quickly and if you don't feel the universe in your belly, the future that awaits dissipates from vision. Don't be confused, your place in the world is up to you. Be brave enough to seek it.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

DNA & Destiny

What makes way is not a coincidence if you fulfill your journey. Signals will indicate when you are off the path, but it is up to you interrupt the messages. Spiritual suspension comes when you realize that nothing can take away the call of your natural drive - it comes without effort, like the roar from a lioness when she protects her cubs from danger. Even without sight, walk through the shadows of the night keeping in mind that knowledge is revealed through moonlight. 

You are a little piece of imperfection built to thrive. You are beautiful in joy and sadness, in bliss and defeat. No matter how many times you fall, you climb back on top. Imagine that you could reach what is truly meant to be for you - how rare would that be in this society? 

You do not need to teach a cat to purr, she just knows how. You do not need to seek happiness, it lives in you when you release all the tension and stress and leave hard work and karma to the rest.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Daily Deep Dose

Let it go now. Whatever it may be. Don't let it spoil any hope for today or tomorrow. Open your heart and allow creativity to shine through. You see, if you are a creator you must create or you will suffocate. Live in an instinctual place that  feels as good as real love. You were meant to be spirited away, feel the possibilities of expression that tip your quill. Let the ink spill.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Daily Deep Dose

Learning to love yourself without compromise is not an easy achievement. Moments allow the exchange of energies and sometimes what appears as good, really is toxic. Be brutally honest, it's not worth your health. Your experience is your own to elate. Listen to the messages your body gives and tell your mind to quiet thoughts that no longer serve to empower the present. Keep faith what may come is part of the plan. You're strong and you deserve to risk it all: let the light through the crevices of your scars.