Sunday, November 29, 2009


From the moment she was born the first taste she had was her mother’s milk falling from rotund, pointy breasts. The milk that came from her mother’s breasts allowed her to grow healthy and sprout into a child by nourishing her bones progress. As she grew into a girl she was curious to watch her own breasts grow into form. The form of these bumps reminded her of a time laying peacefully with her eyes closed across her mother’s arms and feeding on her most intimate white charm. Her breasts started off looking like small mosquito bites but eventually grew to fit the need for a training bra, as when she ran they would bounce all around. Then adolescence came and with it puberty. She became far more aware of not only seeing but feeing her breasts lying across the chest of her skin. When she was 15 she acquired her first lover and the first sexual sensation she felt was him rubbing up against her chest. The smile that formed across her face came from an innocent glee that only a teenager creates. Many lovers came that nibbled, bit and sucked on her breasts but at 34 her chest for the first time took the course of her mother’s breasts. Babe in hand, a small, delicate boy, she rested him across her arms as her mother had once rested her. She remembered how she felt when her mother had feed her. She began to weep with the sorrow of joy, her mother had died because her breasts grew cancer and defeated her body until it rested still of distress. Now there he was, her son, sucking on her white charm. She wiped away her sorrow and decided to celebrate life, for with him sucking on her breasts he was bringing his grandma back to life.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

To Be Really Really Really Straight with You

I will be on a panel speaking in partnership with Harbourfront Centre's upcoming World Stage show, To Be Straight with You and Buddies in Badtime Theatre's Young Creative Unit.

To Be Really Really Really Straight with You
will prove to be an interesting evening and expression of young queer voices in Toronto and beyond. Join us?

This event is free and takes place at Buddies in Badtime Theatre on November 30th, 7-9pm. For more info click here.

Saturday, November 21, 2009


There is something calm about the way she moves me. Perhaps when she sits still in an instant with me somehow it manages to soothe me. Every stolen moment we get together thrills me. I feel unafraid when I am around her because she reminds me beauty is pure as blood intoxicating wine. I call her divine inspiration, the kindness of celestial gratification. At moments she hesitates with me but you see I am not willing to let that be the reason why she walks away from me. I know she is beginning to feel me.

She is kind without giving it a thought. When I hold her hand, even if for a brief moment, it rises my panting in momentum to reach out and touch her, smell her aroma sweet and soft with my own small hands. I can smell her everywhere I go, strongly especially when I think of making love to her with the calmness of the rain dripping from our bodies, then echoing off the window pane. Special, that is what she is and I am going to be the one to let her know. She touches me so gently and I can’t resist craving her more and more.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Speaking at Unity Conference Toronto

I will be speaking at Unity Conference Toronto on November 18, 2009. This interesting and informative event taking place at Ursula Franklin Academy. Please join for an important cause!

"The Unity Conference brings together youth and educators from across the GTA and the province that are engaged or interested in the creation and support of Gay-Straight Alliances in schools."

"The Unity Conference supports queer and trans youth and their allies in their efforts to create safe, positive spaces within the school system and their communities. This year, the conference explores the diversity of queer and trans experiences and history."

"Starting in 2005 with 60 students from 5 schools, the conference has grown exponentially to include 250 students from 20 schools including those from the Niagara, Halton and Lakehead regions. The success of the Unity Conference demonstrates the need for school-based 'queer friendly' organizations."

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Parul Pandya's Letter of Absence

I almost DIED when my good friend Craig sent me this. I was complaining that I did not want to work and he said he would write me a letter....

Please excuse Parul Pandya from work. She's a member of The Eager Beaver Society of Upper Canada. She's actually one badge away from earning her slut status. She's been in training for over a year now after taking a long break to heal from a violent chewing accident that involved dentures and labia. We're so proud of Parul and extend an invite to all of her co-workers to watch Parul build on her dam (dental dam) skills. After Parul masters this trait she'll be qualified to do outreach work to lesbians throughout the North American Penal system, yes we're recognized in the US as well! Please join Parul in marking this achievement! Any questions, feel free to contact our Lead Beaver at Eager Beavers of Canada, Muffy.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

For Real

The stars course a plan that sends me your unsuspecting way. We connect at the least expected time, please don’t shy and look away. I glance over to see you smile and all my worries instantly melt away from echoing hollow, past moments from yesterday. You see I am no longer taunted with silent stray. Words seem irrelevant to spell how much you put me in a sentimental mood. I want to move closer to you, I want you to see how you make me feel. I am here with you in this moment for real.

The moon reflects a light that allows me courage to follow you faithfully, while thoughts of loving you dance in the rhythm of my mind without tire. I follow every trace of your mouths movement with my hungry eyes. I grow dizzy with the whiplash this causes my vision but I still manage to feel refreshing like a glass of fleshy peach juice inside. When you lean forward my heart skips a beat and losses hesitation to believe in two hearts that bleed with burning inevitability. I want to move closer to you, I want you to see how you make me feel. I am here with you in this moment for real.

If I could move the heavens without disrespecting natural beauty I would push all obstacles, cloud storms and lightning’s turbulence aside. I would lift you to the skies and take you for a slide down the mountain sides, high above the tallest of trees and back to the ground where I would take your arms and tuck them into me. Holding you would allow you to feel how much I want to have you near, how I want to be the one you lean on and ask me to wipe your salty tears. Each time I make love to you I will exhale with exhilaration and homage to never take you for granted. I want to move closer to you, I want you to see how you make me feel. I am here with you in this moment for real.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Fragmentation Revelations

Here I am before you, just plain old me. No tricks to embellish my perpetual search to rest my body, no fears to hide that which I’m sometimes afraid to bare, no garments to make me seem regal and robust and distract of my wear. Stripped in, sprawled out, just plain old me with an uncertainty of why I’ve arrived at a point in my life where though I have moved forward, I still feel anxious to see what’s out there for me. It’s not that I’m ungrateful of what I do have, I just need to keep moving closer towards realizing the greater bigger picture, my entire hearts contents, my born talents, my forever dreams. I fear that if I stand here waiting for someone, them to realize my value, time may pass me by and become a constant reminder of how I let my true opportunities for fulfillment pass me by.