Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Precious Pussycat

Sometimes I worry. I look at the way that things are around me and it makes me realize that nothing is perfect. I can't keep all those who I want to keep safe, safe, nor can I offer them immortal life and eternal health.

When I realize that peace is sometimes in a state of flux, I withdraw into deep breath; I have to remind myself that everything is gonna be alright. I guess that all I do have is hope.

I clip her nails and I notice her little grey lip is sore. I wonder why I haven't noticed it before. Cats need love and care too. We all need love and care.

I love her more than I imagine I could love a creature that is not human. She has been my best friend for years, she has stuck by me through my changes in tide and direction. I can always depend on her to look at me with her kind eyes and show the such gratitude for the most simple things, like fishy food and clean water.

When I found her she was just skin and bones, now she is under my skin and I feel her in my bones. She is my daughter, she is my darling.

When she rolls over on her back I roll her around like a sausage in the pan, she purrs with sweet delight and I understand in that moment how strong our bond has grown. She has touched my life in ways she will never know. I am proud to have her as part of our home.

Mama loves you Grey Goose.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The House of Provocation's Makeover!

Hello darlings! Though I became quite attached to the look of the disco dots that hosted T-HOP for the past few years, as I have changed and evolved so much I only think it is fair that my blog does too!

TADA! After careful consideration and thought, The House of Provocation has got a new sleek look! I would love to know what you think, so please share with me - even if you are not fond of it!

To my royal readers I say this - thank you for sticking with my words over many ups and downs, rounds and rounds in my life. I will continue to try and feed your hunger for provocation with an endless craving.

To new beginnings and fancy makeovers!!! Cheers.

Thursday, June 17, 2010


The days seemed to move slower than before. Her butterflies flew into the garden full of willow trees where the scent lingered of moments that had past her by, an echo of remembering spontaneous laughter and whispers that professed love and endless desire. Though she tried to feel relaxed, something felt like a scorpion in her tummy, groping her intestines and slowly making way into her chest. She knew that something was just not right, but she also remembered that she held the most beautiful white pearl in the world in her care. Tempers flared like nostril, moments that seemed fine soon ended up taken over by the word "sorry." It hurt inside and venom that spun from the sting of the scorpion inside made her mutter: "I am now powerless. I have nothing left to say. I love you but simply don't feel happy this way. Here I bend over and lay."

Friday, June 11, 2010

New Jack Playback: Keith Sweat "Twisted"

Shoot, this jam be my old skool guilty pleasure! Sure he sing from his noise and sounds like a frog, but I love the song and I know all the words to his "rap!"