Monday, April 13, 2015

Madonna and Drake Kiss - Ageism and Sexism

Today has me thinking - why are people so afraid of aging and sexuality? While I agree that the Drake and Madonna kiss was not hot AT ALL, and I think Madonna does not need to do that for any shock value affirmation, as I like her best when she's an authentic, unapologetic Leo all on her
own. However I must say the hateful comments written by people on social media clearly indicate that today people remain so very threatened by female sexual empowerment; the stigma of a hoe is still associated to a woman who asserts powerfully a valid sexuality. While I was not turned on by the kiss as it was not the Sex book under my bed, the fact is, I would like to see how many celebrity men get called "whores and sluts" that have an insatiable appetite for sex, just like Madonna and many other humans and animals!! Stop vilifying a woman's choice to be sexually liberated at any age and understand your ageist ideas of beauty and valid expression and how they breed intolerant, patriarchal attitudes!