Sunday, September 27, 2009

Toronto Poet Truth Is: My Latest in Xtra

This interview was inspiring and such a genuine pleasure for me to do. Truth Is is full of talent to a point where she commands attention and respect. A great chat with her after the interview made me lather in admiration towards her strength as a performer and individual.

Also great thanks for David Silverberg, an outstanding gentleman I met programming at Harboutfront Centre this past summer. He is the noble leader of Toronto Poetry Slam. Check this monthly event out, it will blow your mind.

Click here to read my piece on Truth Is and Toronto Poetry Slam.

Saturday, September 26, 2009


See it's just that no matter how I tell you,, you're not going to understand what it is to be me, to strive to really be free of colonist proximity. To care so much that it can make you forget what it is that is to gain. To love so deeply in silence that it moves you to beautiful release. The thing is that I am intense, I say what's on my mind, that which lingers in the cuticle of my clipped thoughts. Why when I love does it hurt so much, is it not meant to grant you salvation? Dust away the sands of yesterday to reveal my secrets inside. I just want someone to hold me and show me that they care, that they really would tear open the skies for me. Innocent, nothing lavish or sexual, just to say I care.

Time moves forward and I wait for you. I always believe in you even when I feel no mercy is being bestowed on me by you. It's not that hard to just tell me that I exist to you in a sacred place that lives beyond the ending of happily ever after, beyond a wedding of weeping violins and a voices that lift to the corners of the room's air to fill it with sounds of the most humble offerings I have to give you. My heart with which I carry gratitude for breathing, caring, sharing, listening to your heartbeat. Falling open to knowing that with you my truth lays safe from judgments harm.

If all eyes were on me, the air still and the climax near, I would let out such a loud silence that everyone would wander what possessed voodoo in me to be so moved. It's not that I don't want to care for you, I just wonder if you too will care for me the way I do for you. All is said well and done beyond done, will you always leave me in pursuit to find a reason to run?

I can feel you, you are unusual. I have always been attracted to things that are a little off, perhaps a little deranged by being let down time and time again. Here in this moment you have chosen to listen to me say that I can't stop saying. I can't mute a feeling that wishes to be granted flow, I can't pass-up the opportunity to tell you that you thrill me, no matter how stupid and uncalled for in sporadic it may seem to you. I am reckless fool when it comes to you.

When I go home and the day is complete, my headphones call to me in serenity to remind me that I can make it through the day alone. Somehow the sound of someones voice in my ears soothes me, moves me. Try with her, cry with her and open the curtains each day to welcome her sunlight in (even on the gloomiest).

Suffering happens in silence no matter how many times it is written or reminisced. Every moment stricken with tragedy somehow manages to melt into bearable healed wax oh so poetically. I may not contemplate with suicide but death has stared me in the face with despair and gut love from me but never away from me. Somewhere love always remains dormant like my childhood dreams. I just want to be loved so much, like a giddy schoolgirl who exchanges letters with a boy who she blindly fancies that sits 5 seats to the left side.

I don't mean to be so full of energy, it is unbecoming like gas on a humid day. I just can't help myself, I want you and nobody else.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Galaxy Rest

The thrill that shakes her to move in motion is connection. The reckless nature that swirls around curls on the tips of her fingers decisions. When her hair begins to curl her mind feels more at rest to just letting go of the illusion of holding. The sun beams down on her as though a communication from another state of happiness. All is wholesome when she feels beauty surround her and the sparks of those she cares for with gentle compassion. When she clicks with others of her unusual kind she remembers that there is a reason she was made of craving for wisdom and courage and love.

The placement of the sky around the planets reflect a intergalactic relationship cherished between a heart and smile. Standing tall, hand in hand. A beautiful woman that held her heart once and a bright florescent light of the woman ahead of her now. Enticed, overjoyed she is while the water drops to welcome the sound of the universe being created and ended all at once. Still, everything is still in being set free like a wise owl that glides in hunt for its prey and freedom.

Piles of memories lay in a box, mountains exist as a test ahead of devotion and testament to believing in something our eyes cannot see. Her heart chooses not to bend, even though there are no guarantees.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Signorina Aria

Scusami signorina, I hope that you don't mind, I have been up restless all night with thoughts of the next time I can be beside you waltzing in my mind. I don't intend to come off strange, and it's not that I don't have anything to do with my time - somehow when your graceful face came across my humble gaze, something skipped a beat in my hearts-mind.

The way you move with such little regard to understanding how elegant you really are, the way your unique beauty shines though, when you still believe that you are just a little star. A supernova of worthiness to be loved lays deep within the pocket of your tender soul, so excuse me signorina, I thought I would take a minute and let you know.

I feel when you lick your lips, it places a wetness in my mind, when you shy away with insecurity it makes me want to make you mine. Wear your rare and courageous beauty, you're far stronger than you believe. Open the door towards watering the seeds of your beautiful inevitability, and risk this now moment with me to be free of captivity.

Scusami signorina, I didn't mean to stare. Forgive me if I have come on too strong with my intentions, but I just wanted to let you know that I think I could really learn to care.

Non abbiate paura di essere quello che tu sei la mia diva gentile, basta aprire il vostro cuore e lasciare che il flusso.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Toronto International Film Festival gets a "Bitch Slap!"

Well now, I will say that the review that I am about to wrote about Rick Jacobson's Bitch Slap will come from my mouth and my vagina. Yeeeee-ha, this movie leaves you feeling cunty fresh and titilistic!

Arriving to the desert in a shiny black retro beast car, three bad-ass ladies come together to steal over $200 million from merciless underworld kingpin - but naturally things don't come as simple as expected. The movie begins with a scene of slow body shots of our three bombshells coming out of a car - quickly there are lots of breasts all up in your grill. Yes, my lesbian heart grew a big black cock in that instant and I wondered what would be the state on my panties at the end of this film.

An homage to the sexploitation films of the 1960's and 1970's, Bitch Slap flashes between the main setting, a serene desert in the middle of nowhere America, and various flashback sequences that recall the story of how these vixens ended up in this place. The backdrop accessories for our desert divas are lots of heavy weaponry, priceless jewels and trashy trailer that sits vacantly without much regard.

I will admit that at one point or another I wanted to get it on with each of these sassy bitches. Hel (Erin Cummings) is the mastermind of the gang and possesses a laid-back and business attitude towards getting what she wants, Trixie (Julia Voth) is a seemingly innocent airhead and bottylicious stripper that wears a flashy golden dress in the hot desert sun, and then there is Camero (AmerĂ­ca Olivo) a roughneck lesbian who will kick the shit out of anyone that stands in her way. The combination of these ladies leads your fantasies to become a realized reality on-screen for 104 glorious minutes. An endless amount of stylized sexiness is a yummy treat. What remains to be seen is whether these women will stick together or fall apart under the pressure of this life of high balling crime.

Jacobson's film is fun and full of serious girl-on-girl carnal action, both physical and sexual. I imagine that about 2/3 of the men in the theatre popped a really hard hard-on at one point or another. Stand in attention!!

The fight sequences in the film are choreographed by action director Zoe Bell, who is the genius behind some of the bad-ass chicks in past years, including Uma Thurman's Black Mamba in Kill Bill. For me the action never gets old, this movie is a heart-racing, steamy hot - for god's sake there's a water fight scene that runs for a couple of minutes that shows these women having a gay old water fight! You will also have the chance to hear some hilarious and wicked pussy slang that's highly entertaining and worthy of cheer!

Just when you senses are on overload, there are some special guest cameos that are delightful! In the past Rick Jacobson directed over 100 episodes of both Xena: Warrior Princess and Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, so especially fans of these shows will get a kick out of what they see! See Jacobson boldly take this film where television wouldn't allow him to go. This film is a fun sigh of relief to the Toronto International Film Festival 2009 line-up.

Tits, ass, ass-whopping, sex, sex and more sex, and pussy - Bitch Slap is one hell of a good time!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Margarethe von Trotta's "Vision" at Toronto International Film Festival

I can’t express how much I enjoyed the journey that German director Margarethe von Trotta took us on in her Vision. A highly respected veteran of presenting film with a keen feminist eye, von Trotta pieces together the story of Hildegard von Bingen, a devout nun, visionary, composer and challenger of virile norms that dominated Benidictine rule and the Church’s everyday function in Medieval times.

With a keen attraction to understanding human strive and nature and balancing in with scientific discourse, set in what we now know as Germany, the story paints the story of a woman that felt she was beckoned by God to be a Messenger of light. This period was one of much social turmoil and suffering.

Vision takes place in an era when many claimed to have direct communication with God but rarely were they actually believed, particularly women. However somehow the pious and ever-confidant Hildegard manages to win the favour of many around her and is even voted as magistra when her mother magistra passes away. She excels and teaches with genuine compassion as a leader but still meets resistance in male clergymen who feel threatened by her power. Even some of her fellow nuns begin to fear her rebellious nature.

Relentless and sure of her appointment to be a messenger of God’s word, she is one of the first women to boldly preach and interpret scripture. She even bravely writes to the Pope about her visions knowing that she may be seen as a heretic.

Her accomplishments also include managing to convince an Archbishop to allow her to move her sisters to a hillside and build a convent away from Disibodenberg abbey. Hildegard’s desire to move away from the abbey is shocking but not without purpose. Tragedy strikes when one of the nuns breaks her vow of celibacy with a male clergyman and is found out and thus commits suicide. Hildegard intervenes to prevent this fate from being bestowed upon anymore of her sisters, as in the end she is aware that a woman will always be seen as the perpetuator of evil and seduction.

Hildegard suffers her entire life with weak health and loss, and she manages to overcome much devastation until one particular loss causes her to leak her true vulnerability and push her over the edge.

Babara Sukowa who plays Hildegard spoke at the Q & A following the film about how she studied the writings, song and myth of Hildegard with immense care because of the iconic statured that she has risen to in recent years to take her rightful place in German and women’s history. Her moments on-screen are always full of intensity, yet there still manages to be a peaceful aura that surrounds her gentle mannerisms and emotional rawness.

Berlin born Margarethe von Trotta’s Vision is rich in history, imagery and heart. This piece is a Toronto International Film Festival gem.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Student -Governess

Tone on tone. Silence use to cause me such grief when it was mixed with the sound of my tears rolling with thunder down my cheeks. I had once slayed my hopes by placing it into another's unsteady hand, only to realize the arthritis that was forming in the palms of my happiness kept me from raising up a fist of my hand to say enough.

I use to believe that my heart would not heal but now I know I am strong. For if I sat alone in a room and I was given a pen, I would write a tale that would be full of love with no end. I would speak of lives education that continued to teach, and me as a student who sat anxiously with my hopes to remain open to be free to goodness and discovery.

Thorns of rusted wood pencils that have scribbled my words settle around my throat and dig into my neck with pain. I flex my collar muscles to eventually and dually receive and relieve pain.

Fear is not uncontrollable, I am wild and free and whatever is ahead of me to experience in this moment, tomorrow and this lifetime will be destined for me. I use to think I was just ordinary, however now I am sure that I am spectacular through the harmony of my words that echo the tail of a girl that one day became a noble woman.

Love has breathed her kiss upon me.

Writing for Toronto International Film Festival 2009!

Hello again my pretties. I just wanted to let you know that yours truly will once again be teaming-up with the Toronto International Film Festival to cover the Canadian Films Programmes. I started working with TIFF last year and I had one of the most exciting experiences of my life. Literally for 9 days, I was eating and breathing watching films and then reviewing them.

My true passion lays with spreading arts awareness and culture, and TIFF certainly gets a unique international spotlight placed on the city of Toronto - a city that I adore for its diversity and commitment to promoting with heart all mediums of expression. So from September 10-19th catch all my reviews on the Canadian Film Progammes Blog, plus many photos and scoops on international films and other findings that will be exclusively available at The House of Provocation!!

If you wanna get to know me better, read my TIFF bio and please keep on spreading the word about T-HOP! This is where it's at, yo!

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