Wednesday, October 31, 2007

TG to be Published in Xtra!

YAY! I am going to have my first article published(0:

Look out for November 8th issue of Xtra.
My article is entitled: "My Body as Politics: Confessions of an Ethnic Lesbian"


" is published by Pink Triangle Press, a not-for-profit organization born out of and committed to the struggle of lesbians and gay men for sexual liberation and human fulfillment."


Look out for it on stands and I will post the link to the on-line version, as soon as it is in place.

I look forward to hearing what you all think. To the journey...and having a voice.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Winners is LOVE

I have such a deep fetish with Winners. I can't get enough of all those yummy bargains and stylish alternatives. I am not a woman who likes to be seen in the same outfits as the next stylish mama (she WISHES!). I have a reputation to uphold people! People often ask me where I get my pieces...Winners pretties! We can all be WINNERS!

So as the winter season comes rolling in, I give all you who need to do some weather appropriate shopping a suggestion. Go to Winners! You can find great deals at 40% off ticketed prices. Some really decent designer lines. Trucks of treats arrive sometimes twice a day. I want to play in a Winners truck. I mean it in a material girl kind of way! I mean for those who enjoy the art of shopping and dressing, Winners is a walk down a bargain runway. I am not sure if that is a good image...hmmm??

The newest location is at Front/Church....conveniently located on my way to work. YAY!! Don't think that I was not there on opening day battling for bargains in the trenches of fashion, against other hoarders. I have scars and boots to prove it. Word.


I urge you to come equipped with patience and determination. You can find some really worthwhile items and become a fashion icon in your own right (0; Clothes, accessories, shoes, here you can find a variety of styles, colours and designs.
So bundle FIERCE and keep the spirit of stylish alive, even within the fury of our brisk winter.

Here is the link to find your closest location:

HAPPY SHOPPING! (gifts are accepted by TG)

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A Place to Call Home?

I have never seen so many homeless crazy folks wandering around the city. Without sounding heartless (for I have sympathy for the fact that they are deprived of the basic right to shelter), I just can't get get my mind around this most obvious increase.

In fact, yesterday, just a block from where I work, 2 women were stabbed by a mentally ill, homeless man while they were waiting for the streetcar. Madness. WHERE can we actually be safe when victims are just choosen at random?


I admit, I was a little hesitant leaving work yesterday. In fact, I was ready to whack the first white man I saw with a black hoody and blue jeans with the sharp part of my umbrella. By no means was this a funny situation.

It seems that Toronto has grown into a urban niche for many people who are dependent on hard drugs, such a meth, to convert on and pray on people--both mentally and physically. Is this an environment that we feel safe allowing our kids to walk home from school in? HELL NO. I am not trying to push the bias that all homeless people are mentailly ill, for this is far from the truth. However it seems that mental duress can be heightened by stress. These individuals are marked with the reminder of extreme stress everyday. Thus, it can be understood why their mental capacity declines rapidly.

On the other hand, I have little empathy for the abundeance of rude-ass street people. I can not walk down the street without some strange man staring at me, or whistling at me, like I am a peace of meat.


Just yesterday, when I was taking my walk to the GO, I was followed for a block by a man. Maybe spend sometime trying to find a way to rise from hardship for survival, rather than making yourself appear as a distasteful victim.


We NOW need to get aggressive about how we deal with this unfortunate reality. These individuals are the unlucky few, that continually slip through the cracks of our flawed systems. For too many, they are no ones.

I am not sure what I am to say that could make me feel more at ease about this current state of chaos. In fact, winter is always the most difficult time to see the homeless laying in bus stops, without any comfort of a place to call home. Not that it is EVER easy to see.

Hard drug abuse is a reality in the life of many of these neglected individuals, because it provides an escapism. We all need to getaway sometimes from the realities of life. We can empathize why these individuals would feel that need the strongest. But inevitably we all know that once we come down from that mushroom cloud, back to where we started. On our own feet.

We have no time to waste. This is a call to action, before things get any worse. This is our responsability. Love thy neighbour.

Please be safe.


Monday, October 15, 2007

Review: "Elizabeth: The Golden Age"

Oh my god. I have been waiting for this movie, for what seems like many morrows!

Those who know me, know that I have the most curious fascination with becoming fixated on historical figures. The qualifications to become a object of my most intimate praise: these figures must all inspire me with their courage, aptitude for knowledge and their ability to be 'ahead of their time'. There is one figure, that I have always remained transfixed on. Elizabeth I, Queen of England (1533-1603).

"Elizabeth: The Golden Age," is a sequel to 1998's, "Elizabeth." Both films are directed by my brown brotha, Shekar Kapur. Though the costume (fainted!), acting and settings remain regal in the sequal. Unfortunately, the work falls short of dazzling its predecessor because it lacks enough attention to character development. Moreover, the film neglects to focus on what the historical significance is, of the relentless woman in her Golden Age.

The name of the film, is itself misleading. The movie does not focus on her Golden Age. In fact, the movie shows the continual friction between France and Spain, to secure the bed of the Queen. It is only upon the defeat of these two foreign navies, that the reign of Elizabeth transitioned into her Golden Age. A time of peace and prosperity in England, for Catholics and Protestants alike.

There is no actual development of what was considered the monuments and achievements of Elizabeth's Golden Age. This was necessary. In fact, the movie ends very abruptly and fails to glaze even the surface of illuminating her reign, in what is considered her most glorious years. Though the writing defiantly had moments of historical grandeur (especially in Elizabeth's lines--perhaps to be credited to the life Blanchette breaths into the words). For the most part, the writing remained dull, compared to the first film.

However, one thing remains worthy of a royal salute; Cate Blanchette's impeccable performance. This woman is the finest actress of our generation. As she was robbed in her first rendition as Elizabeth, by Gwenyth Platrow's portrayal in "Shakespeake in Love." This time, despite the films often messy script, she is fully deserving of an Oscar nod.

The movie is by no means horrible. But it could have been much better. However, for a historical nerd like me, seeing this heroine come to life with such vivrancy, made me feel a little warm on the inside.

So cheers to a night in the VIP at Varsity, a fellow nerd to watch the film with and Miss Blanchette, as my Elizabeth! (BTW...she is NO MAN's Elizabeth...that is what SHE said!)

I heart you Lizzie.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

A Thought...

The ones that hurt us most, often turn a blind eye to our beauty, for their own self preservation.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Your Heart Arrives, Before the Train...

Take a moment. A moment outside of your frustrations, disappointments, commitments, bills and thinking. Take a moment to absorb that which was, that which is and that which will be.

We are simply pawns, with the desire of fulfillment.
We desire happiness, which can only be personal in understanding and attainment. Understanding can not be given to us by the red, right hand of another. Understanding can not be forced out of a fool who believes that they are alone in journey. For we are all connected. It is not ours to give, if it is not ours to receive as equally. Understanding.

We follow our hearts beating rhythm, our minds thirsty gluttony for more wine. But what we can not see, is whether the person who lays the cup in front of us, has poured us a glass which is half empty, or half full. Or if they possess a pallet for understanding something outside of themselves, beside making it about themselves.

The taste of the delightful nectar of wine, with its promises of intoxication. Love makes us oh so drunk.

Some are innately selfish. They care on no one but themselves. They amuse themselves with dull conversation and a false sense of growth and revelation. They mask their lost souls, in the illusion of living life to its fullest degree. There glass is theirs alone. They do not understand how to apply the aroma of fruitful satisfaction.

Some are innately selfless. They must learn to look beyond the pain and short-comings of others, and learn when it is a time of resignation. The journey home is never too long. They must learn to survive alone, without the caress of another. There glass is often sipped down to drought. There mouths are often left dry.

Understand that I am a fool. I am a fool who seeks to find knowledge to reconcile my broken heart with my polluted mind.

I will not rest until I find my way home...

Circa: Toronto's New Nightlife HOT SPOT!

"CiRCA is a one-of-a-kind entertainment venue and nightclub created by New York City nightlife luminary Peter Gatien in the heart of Toronto’s Entertainment District. Located inside the Festival Hall Entertainment Complex at the corner of King and John, the four-story, 55,000 square foot state-of-the-art space is an arts, music, entertainment, and fashion event-space unlike anything else in the world.

The multi-tiered space features a unique collection of facilities including large art and product display areas, multiple live event spaces and large main stage, a film screening room (SKYY Cinema Lounge), a recording studio (due to be completed in December 2007), in-house food-preparation and catering facilities, and a full range of concierge service and amenities. On weekends CiRCA operates as a nightclub playing host to regular music and performance driven events featuring world class DJs and artists, while the rest of the week the venue hosts a rich itinerary of corporate and cultural events. "


Hells yeah! This place is freaking crazy. The creators of this club, defiantly did not spare any pocket change for this unique environment. Yes, I know. You and I both hate clubbing in the club district of Mother Toronto. The annoying line-ups, the women is skirts that neither, flatter them, or make them look attractive. But I assure you, this club is worth checking out--especially for a big party!

Sunglasses ready?

Yes, the club is terribly over-crowded. But with several rooms to visit, each with its own makes it quite an eclectic night! Like a music buffet, if you will dahlin!

I checked out Mark Farina, spinnin' house music all night long, on Sunday. Defiantly one cool experience. He spun a tight set and rammed the room like a gay mans ready asshole.

Good company, LOTS of vodka/red bull (oops!!) and dancing until I was sweating through my clothes. Great night.

I recommend checking out Circa. It is not somewhere you should go regularly, or even can afford to go to regularly (yes, drinks are expensive!). But for atmospheric eye candy (great sculptures, cool art, amazing lighting and sound system), this is the place to go for a fun night out with the peeps!


Saturday, October 6, 2007

I Hear a Symphony

There is no experience quite the same as the rush of live music. Attending a viewing of a live symphony, encourages the facets of one's imagination. The sensations of sound and feeling are struck with every weep of the violins cry, every wallow of the cellos calling.

We all need to escape the crap of modern music and resort back to just the basics of good composition and storytelling.

The Toronto Symphony has introduced a cheap and accessible way for youth to see these talented musicians. They have named this program: "TSOSOUNDCHECK"

What is tsoundcheck?
It's a way for you to connect to classical music and the TSO. Anyone between the ages of 15 to 29 is eligible to buy tickets to Toronto Symphony Orchestra concerts, for as low as $6 per ticket.
What an amazing deal...what a great date idea! There is a limit of 2 tsoundcheck ticketsper member, per performance.

There really is no catch to this program. It is available to all, 15-29. I, similar to the TSO, encourage that you extend your pallet for music and take in some live classical. It really is an emotional and moving experience.

Register now:

Monday, October 1, 2007

Celestial Intervention

Her emotions fall from the certainty of being untouchable.
They are set a steady drift.
There is a risk she must take. Again.
From the niche of a cloudy, yet protective tree top, her existential body continues its journey. Forming a ribbon of free and vibrant sentimentality. At a halt, these emotions come, once they enter the open concave of a murky lake.

The ribbon of colour is suspended, but does not fade at the contact of the waters provocation.

The lake is ornate with a spectical of crabs. The lines on their bright red shells shine, with a wisdom of itched experiences past.
She flees into the silence of her shell. She feels like them. Like them, she silences all the distractions that have risen above the waters stillness. She is at home with them.

She tries to feel the vibrations of what is below her, above her, around her, within her. All without getting submerged in the haunting, liquid sentiments of her icy past. She has melted them into a large puddle. The puddle has now run dry.

She turns deep inside, deep deep inside her shell. Until she sees it is time to come out again...

With a promise of a renewal in faith (that living in love is worth the pain of dying when it must abandons you), the sun rises to commence a new day. She cries at yesterday, but prays, with her heart humbly exposed, at the hope of a better tomorrow.

Faith perhaps...

From all the bitter attacks of her past, her shell begins to heal slowly, by one simple touch. The touch of Astraea. A goddess; who encompasses all the justice of orderly, and is able to see beyond blind sentiment of the crab-womans overwhelming emotions. Astraea sees the analytical truth of that which is. All, with the purity of a strong woman's heart.

She rises to the surface of the water, and accepts the reach of Astraea's sturdy hand. Through the guidance of the stars, she slowly emerges from her shell.