Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Prime Voice of Whitney Houston

This song. What can be said. Whitney at her best, so vocally strong. Timeless tunes. Her image is 80's iconographic of pop confronting racial cultural representation, which was rarely seen in 80's pop. There were not a lot of "great" non-white pop stars that made it popular in image. Whitney was of the shift of the trend that would define one current popular music trend: R&B with pop.
Who didn't wanna dance with an invisible shoes in this video? I sure as hell wanted to go to this concert. I just remember being taken by this beautiful black woman with a voice. I could listen to all Whitney's early albums from front to end and be drawn into the emotions. Her prowess as a voice remains at battle with the best of the best, perhaps our generations Aretha.

I admit to this day, Whitney's voice is still able to emotionally deliver for me. She is a ballad master and the actual physical power of her voice allows her to remain a true diva (before crack got wack).

Sexy love making music. Her smooth R & B was a shift in image that was more sensible of representing African American influence in American culture. Obviously black culture seems to heavily influence numerous genres of music, which again and again made popular, from R&B, Hip Hop to Rock n Roll.

This is as good as it gets folks.