Saturday, May 31, 2008

Don't Hate, Zodiac Discriminate!

Hello my pretty readers. I wanted to share my newest fetish with the world. It is called "Zodiac Discrimination."
As those who are close to me have had the pleasure of experiencing, I have become quite obsessed with learning about the signs of the zodiac. I am not a superstitious person, nor am I someone who buys into bullshit.(Enjoyment of pop music does not count!!)
But no word of a lie, this shit is behavioural patterning and energy conditioning. A couple of my close friends have been my Ms. Cleos and taught me everything I need to know to begin this journey into healthy hateration!

So you must wonder, am I psychic? No. I am just able to recognize similar behavioural pattern among those who belong to the same sign. For example:

Cancers like myself orient themselves around feelings and can be emotionally driven even in intellect. They are hot in bed and they kiss like silk against your lips. We are crabs and when we feel offended, we are left open to the world and feel very exposed, so we hide. We can be inpatient and moody. We are overly sensitive and sometimes that blinds us from seeing the truth.

Leos. Oh gotta love them. Think Madonna honey! Fire signs, nothing can stand in there way. Their presence is undeniable and their hair often fierce. They are quick, intelligent and able to push through many difficult situations. They also can make fawk like gods! They are encouraging and generous to those they care for.

Virgos. Here is my connection pals. Many of my best friends are Virgos. They are the best people for the job. Their process is true towards being analytical and seeing things in an emotionally detached sort of manner. They are great advisers and wonderful listeners. They have problems expressing their feelings. Caring, and able to be free under the sheets.

Pisces. My water sisters and brothers. As sweet as pie. Can be loners and have a hard time expressing the feelings that are very present in their entities. They are lovely, full of passion and creativity. They are warm, fluid and can be shy. They make love, not war.

Aries. UGH....ya. You heard. UGH. Self-absorbed, selfish and very relentless about understanding their path, with very little regard for others. Passionate, but can be limited towards a time limitation. They are enticed by the new and exciting. They can make okay in the bedroom, but watch how they like to have themselves pleased! They are very body oriented.

Aquarius. Oh the awkward sweethings that they are! They are highly intelligent and able to bare a lot on their shoulders (hence they are the water bearers). They are fantastic about pushing a cause or belief, but find it hard to express all the personal things that they feel into words. They hide their feelings in order to appear cool. When they let down their guard, they can make love like a water sign!

Taurus. Bulls. Word. Don't mess with these biaches. They are tough, stubborn and will tell you how it is, or at least how they think it should be. They are loyal and protect the ones they care, though at times it maybe done aggressively. Great times, good people. They rip it up in the sheets!

Geminis. Two much fun! Damn these are some complicated folks. They often battle nothing more than themselves. They are wise, aware and try to push themselves to the limit in expression. They often have a hectic pace to their lives for that is what makes them feel alive. Very aware, but not necessarily aware of how to take care of themselves.

Sagittarius. Give it up for the horse people. Level headed, smooth talking and fun to be around, They are good listeners and have sex like there is going to be a famine. Freedom is key to these pretty people and they do not perform well under control circumstances. They must have room to breath.

Capricorns. They are responsible, patient and resourceful. They can sometimes limit their imagination and come off dry. Hopefully they ain't dry in the sheets!

Libras. The diplomat. They can either be idealistic, or jaded based on experiences. They can be vein at times, but can always be dependable as a friend and advisor. Can seem awkward and be lazy. They like to live upscale and with class. Can be undynamic in bed. Boo.

Scorpio. The one with the sting. Damn funny and passionate about life. They are observant and can smell BS from a mile. They can however be jealous, possessive and manipulative if they feel it necessary. They are independent and do not require a man's touch! They can make sexy times into good times. Very extreme, full of contradictions.

There is my little insight of opinions on the nature of the zodiac signs. What do you think? Remember, I am not trying to offend anyone, I am just saying--sometimes the truth is just that. So start paying attention to those around you and come play this zodiac game with me!

Friday, May 30, 2008


She is the gentle hand that lifts you from the depths of sorrow—the sorrow you can feel only through the loss of her alone. She walks into your heart and she never turns her back until darkness pushes you to eclipse her from your heart. She is pure at hand and does not ask why. She stands at your side through highs and lows and refuses to ever let you go. When times are rough she blows at the winds of sand and reminds you to build a castle of your ever-present path. When you are captive to her trance she blinds you by transforming the sand in your eyes to glass. Once the sharp pain subsides and you settle your inner chaos she echoes the sight that you should not abandon the love that you have.

She is the only reason to life, she is the only reason to feel as though you have died. She allows you to imagine a universe that is much more civilazed than our own, in which people live to be kind. An alternative time where it is not about possessions, there is no hunger, for she does not allow us creatures to turn a blind eye and abandon our brothers and sisters. In this imaginable place, she would allow us to hear eachothers heartbeats. She will remind us that one day this will all make sense. Joy is equal to pain. There is nothing left to loose when you have nothing more to gain. The violence of love’s pain.

There is no tomorrow unless you remember today, there is no yesterday if you do not respect the lesson learned tomorrow. Love is the only reason to believe in a higher power, the only reason to hold on to your faith, wrap yourself within the insulation of persuing the truth. Imagine a beautiful world full of peace and toleration, not ignornace and the inability to see that there is more to living your life than just becoming obsessed with the personal obstcles that are surrounded by illusion. Money is not happiness, neither is the rich the least poor. Love is worth less than anything, for it has no measurable worth. She is everywhere. She can lay at your side at night and you stare you right in the eyes that will cause you so much pain that you will feel like you will never be the same again. She can make you fall to your knees with such surrender to knowing what it is that you feel.

Love. Devtion. Feeling blazing emotions.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Latest Xtra Article: "Passion Advocates: Women of Distiction..."

Here is my latest on the title to see my first stab at writing an article not about...ME!! *W*

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Night Tales

Rock in slow and I will show you how.

Open the reflection of the door and I will let myself into the shadows of the night.
I stood in front of you and you held my friendship of respect.

The door was open, there was a gust of unusually predictable-unpredictable winds. I took out my umbrella, wrote a little, read some books and learned about some interesting things inbetween. I thought about this and that. You, me, them. Them.

I peer over his shoulder. I am curious to see what it is that he is staring at on his canvas. But if I know him, it will be something remarkable. Perhaps a commentary on the muses. Or perhaps religion. Yes, religion.

Once there lived monsters under my bed. I did not enjoy there company. Sometimes they visit me when I do not wish for them at all!
I close my eyes and squeeze the temples of head without touching them. I can't get an answer yet, it is too abstract.

I watch them around me everywhere. Those who create and inspire life. They are often over shadowed by the idea of wealth, but no matter how poor their pockets, you can not steal their talent to articulate expression.

I can't hold it anymore, I wanna dance. The world is a dancefloor darling...

I am sorry.

The words came from a place deep waiting the feeling of the page.
The ink was dry but her mind wet. She has written to remind herself of...

They were all just mortal sinners. But what were they guilty of?

The grass was green, she rolled on it until everyone could see the green stain on her jeans. She rolled around in amusement that she could feel the sun on her face and see the grassy green in her jeans.

Science proves it?

Monday, May 26, 2008

TYRA IS INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't think words are necessary. WTF? Why is she SCREAMING??!! Why are they screaming for Vaseline??!!!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

"Me" : Erykah Badu

Brings tears to my eyes...such a beautiful song.

Thorn in My Side

It seems that I have learned everything but learning to take my own advice.
And patience. I still have none.

It seems for some reason when a woman passes me by that is as lovely and striking as you, I loose all control. I can't wait. I can't seem to see past the image of her immediate and potential beauty to really see, if the day after tomorrow she will be consistent with me. Really appreciate me for being me; full of love and such insecurity about being set free.

I listen to the way she express herself, the way she takes in the reckless words that she inspire me to say. I just can't hold them in.

She says: "Hang on. All this that I like, it is too much. This is too real, this is not the right time. I don't have time. God you are unlike anyone I have met before. You are so pure and true. I think I could find myself falling for you."

I always have time for her. I'm down on my knees, take me there.

I am a golden feather in the wind. Watch me fly through the magnetic waves of clouds, high above the coolness of the rain and into the eternal sunshine of inspiration.

I often get jammed in between the tips of her fingers. I know I must be able to float, for love is life and life is free. So why do I allow her to hold on to me if it is not at all benefiting me? Perhaps I should be more selective about whether I should let her catch me, or even feel the heat of me against her tender skin.

Me: "I fantasize about caressing her with the yearning of my hungry mind. Body to body. Sigh to sigh."

I have never made her work for me, the way in which I was willing to work for her. If I could just get over this hump I would most certainly see, that I am worthy of being the subject of her pure affection. I deserve more than just momentary attention.

I am the power behind her movements on the floor, the energy that moves the pick to strike her guitar. The protection of clothes that cover her back.

But it seems that lonely just won't leave me alone.
Some days I wonder why I have to be cursed to love her as much as I do. I just can't seem to help myself. She is everywhere I have, am and will be.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

"Tipping The Velvet" Spoof - "Tipping o the Telveteen"

This is really done so bloody well! For anyone who has seen the film based on the Sarah Waters novel, this is a fantastic, madly amusing and creative rendition of some of the themes and memorable moments.
Gotta love the Brit Com!!

It is worth checking out the actual BBC interpretations of Sarah Waters works in mini-series form. Both "Tipping the Velvet" (2002) and "Fingersmith" (2005)are entertaining and highly aesthetic adaptations of Water's delicious novels. Juicy, intelligent, atmospheric-gender-bending-fucking, pearly period pieces that will get your pussy purring!
Down girls!
Tipping the Velvet, Part 1-1

Fingermith, Part 1-1

Look Into My Eyes...

I have never been afraid to look someone in the eyes.
In fact I think that it is a sign of intelligence and respect when you peer into someone’s eyes when they converse with you. They say that the eyes are the window to the soul; I agree totally. I think that the eyes are capable of revealing more than you perhaps wanted to share. Emotions, judgments, innocence, nuances, knowledge and core energy of what it is that inhibits you and pushes you.

I have always been fascinated by the variations that I find in the ability for humans to interact with one-another--it's in your eyes. Some are coy and aggressive and look at you in your eyes as to say, “I am listening and what is it that you have to say?” Some are passive and timid and look to the side, or can not hold long eye contact. They look slightly intrigued and perhaps tantalized by your presence and the formulation of your thoughts. Then there are those who can not look at you in the eyes at all. These are the insincere, self-absorbed and hubristic. They feel as though they know everything and have no desire to learn anything more than what is familiar.

I always look at someone when spoken to. Though I may not necessarily be fascinated by what it is that someone has to say, I will at least listen to what it is that you have to tell me. In your eyes.

Monday, May 19, 2008

BiG BaNg TheOry

She sits and listens to the firecrackers bursting in the background.
It reminds her of the pulsing beat of her brain when it feels overexerted, under too much strain.
I sparkle of energy falls from the leaky faucet of her eye.
She is so lovely when she imagines the emotions of touching you.
She is like a fallen angel from the sky who gracefully descends and lands with no stutter at all.
Children's laughter echo in the stir of a silent, residual sound.
All seems so alive that it can't be real to move.
Slowly, dimming. Dizzy from the motion of having to keep up.
The Ferris wheel turns and the motion of her stomach churns as if she were on the ride.
She is unlike anyone you have met before.
Stop talking to me I am listening to my head phones.
You could always see the fire in her brown eyes.
Such passion that surfaced to the words that fell from her delicate, soft mouth.
Her mother was kind, her father was different.
Her sister was strong, her brother was free.

She was reminded of the firecrackers that burst out loud when she was small and she had jumped in fear of the BANG!
She was always a little jumpy when it came to noise.
Now it seems that though on this night, firecrackers are brought out to specially ignite, but within her belly there is consistently a possibility of colour, bursting into a variety of fruitful colours with such pure, demonic delight!
Painted streams of colour, shattering the gravity of tangible into the realm of metaphysical.
Pass me a light.
Kiss her goodnight.

History Bite: Savonarola

Girolamo Savonarola by Fra Bartolomeo, c. 1498.

Girolamo Savonarola was born in Ferrara and was a fanatical Dominican priest during the Italian Renaissance (b.1452-d.1498). Though he traveled throughout Italy in his life to various monasteries, he would find his strongest voice and audience in Florence. It is here that he would become a central figure in shocking the thoughts, art and practice of humanism and secularism that were central to Renaissance Movement. Naturally Florence was the place to begin his attack, as it was the heart of the Italian Renaissance.

Savanoarola remained a devout Roman Catholic his entire life and through his travels and observations, he reacted in writing and word at the corruption of the people. His ideas came from the theology he had intensely studied for years, combined with his belief that his Italy needed to be saved immediately before reaching the point of no return. War was rampant, the country seemed more divided in culture and politics then ever before, the Church seemed to care more about adornment from foreign riches then the people dying on the streets.
Savonarola's belief that it was God’s bearing judgment of disappointment and abandonment that had driven his will to have disease, poverty, adultery, greed and moral indignation bestowed upon his subjects. Savonarola’s words against the “self-indulgent” lifestyle of the rich few gained rage with the lower castes of society; those who seemed more or less to desperately seek some breath of connection in his deliverance's and promises of eternal salvation. The city was in shambles compared to once before. The people sought a leader and Savonarola sought to ignite a religious revolution (or a religious renaissance). In his own way, similar to il rinasimento, Savonarola believed in re-birth.

He rapidly gained momentum through his powerful sermons, chanting them at every opportunity given in town piazzas, or in front of any crowd that would grant the Dominican priest the opportunity to speak. His voice spread quickly, much like the plague(which had just killed nearly 2/3 of the European population). His teachings edged on mass hysteria in the people. He assured his listeners that they were being diseased and neglected by God’s will because of carnal sin (courtesans were rampant icons, and sex amongst the European monarchs and even clergymen was not a distant reality, there was an art to courtship). He began to preach passionately about the Last Days, accompanied by visions and prophetic announcements of direct communications with God and the saints.
Such fiery preachings were not uncommon at the time, but Savonarola’s apocalyptic message was pivotal in severing the tradition of hundreds of years of Florentine rulership under the Medici family (the supreme ruling oligarchic family of Florence). He condemned the Medici as rulers and assured the people to see that they wished to have their personal name glorified, they did not have the good intention of the people at heart. His sermons helped in weakening the Medici grip of power in the French-Italian wars abroad and the respect of the Florentines within the city gates.

Through Savonoarols’s eyes, Florence was no longer as glorious as it once was. In fact to him the Renaissance was a hindrance to ideals of purity and spirituality. He believed that welcoming Renaissance thought and art and artifacts was an automatic reason to have your name placed upon a Christian indulgence list. Penance from the people was necessary to receive God's forgiveness.

In 1497 Savonarola initiated his vision through sparking the Bonfire of Vanities (1497) in the Piazza della Signoria. The concept behind this madness was to burn anything that was deemed to be an occasion of sin; literature, art, letters, cosmetics, mirrors, anything that made us less obedient to the word of God and increased our vanity fair.

Painting of Savonarola's execution in the Piazza della Signoria

Upon this action Savonarola was ex-communicated by Pope Alexander VI (who was in fact a Medici Pope), alongside his followers and religious supporters. They were heavily tortured at the hands of the Church and in 1498, in the Piazza della Signoria he was stripped of his religious garbs and burned slowly at the stake. Ironically the place where he had begun the Bonfire of Vanities became the place where his vessel would also eternally burn.

Savanarola’s devotion towards a simpler, more refined lifestyle would set firm ground for Martin Luther and Protestant movements that would change the face of Christendom forever.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

"Don't Let Go": En Vogue

The original Funky Divas. For reals. Love this song. Loves it.

My Hands

I put my head down and stare up at the heavens.
Neatly rested on my small hands are the sights of circles of my [hidden] path.
Around and around, just like a circle. I can see a clearer picture. Will I come full circle?
I wonder what it is that I am supposed to see in these corporal constellations.
I trace the idea of my dreams, the visions of love and happiness that I build in my heart's mind.
I remember that each line I wear is a testament towards testing my will of survival, adaptation and growth.
The small impact I will have on the big universe.

I am such a reckless fool. I can’t help but want to taste, hear, see and feel everything that I come into contact with.
I am so damn inpatient. I stare, I turn, I anticipate.
I worry about things that are beyond my control and while I do this, I stare at my hands.

I feel like a child when I am near you.
Ever so silenced by the fact that a person like you has come into my world.
That you have delicately held my hand.
I do not mean to be rude, or seem like a bitch.
The fact remains that I have a lack of words to describe what it is that you may potentially do to me.

Shyly I fold my hands, and place them neatly back into my lap.
I want to hide.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008



You know that I want you.
I can see that you want me to.
Tell me your fantasies.
Let me tremble at the craving of your ripe breasts filling the hollowness in my anxious mouth.
How would you like me to twist the desires of your body’s communications between my thighs?
What is it that you have to say to me, sweet baby?

Open yourself to me.
Let me slide into the walls of your pink insides, penetrate you from behind.
I will unfold to you the mystery of what it is to be a lover and a fucker.

Close your eyes, count from 100 down.
Beautiful lady, come with me and let me drink your sweet wine.
I want to set you off and make you feel so good, you will want to scream with ecstatic possession.
Beg me for more and more, until you have no more words left to pour.

Cross your legs and think of me working my magic on the tapestry of your remarkable vessel.
Push you closer, push myself into your deviant mind.
Let me undress you, body and soul.
Relax, release your charms across my soft lips.

I know you want this.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Karma Kaleidoscope

I have seen the beauty more than once that I seek.
I have walked hand in hand with my lover and felt the warmth of a reckless embrace.
I have written her love poems, I have poured the steam of my hearts desires. Exploded with devotion towards my sweet surrender to her and her alone.
Now that I'm gone you realize I'm the best thing that happened to you.

I have comforted a friend when she was sad. Held her close and allowed her to feel dejected, forsaken and temporarily mad.
I have wiped the tears from a child's eye and tried my best to explain the mysteries of answering "why?"
I have listened to hear what it is that you have to say, though at times I don't agree with the positioning that you play.
Now that I'm gone you realize that I'm the best thing that happened to you.

I have fallen in love, felt butterflies flutter in my stomach, lost my head in the clouds up above.
I have cried in such agonizing pain from the thought of loosing something I love, been haunted by memories, believed that I would never be the same. I have suffocated my faith in love, unaware of the violation of you using me to gain perspective on what it is that you lack.
Don't take if you can't give it back.
Now that I'm gone you realize that I'm the best thing that happened to you.

I can't predict what the future brings, nor can I understand the lessons that I am meant to learn until I fall down and hit the floor.
SO I cry and cry, wipe my tears and come back for more.

Distances apart, I will forever remain in your heart.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Moon's Light

The evening has come to greet me to remind me that there will come another morning.
I manifest the moon within my breast and she reminds me that I must nurture my soul and follow the vines of my growth.
I dream of the day of seeing a small little hand in mine. Her beautiful and open mind I will rest gently over my lap and I shall caress her with the shadow of my endless love. My child. I will be her Mother, her wisdom guide and her spiritual light.
I think of a time when I was so scared that I could not move beyond the lack of oxygen that parulized my lungs into forgetting how to breathe in gravitation. In pattern. In and out. Rotation. Grounded. Relaxed.
I fight for peace after revolution within craters of my mind. My mind can be a grey space/place and I never know what may lay in each crevice/curve. I continue along my way with little knowledge for anything but using my mind and always reminding myself to take the time. Take it slow, I must know. I leave not one area undiscovered, I hold on to my people, my faith, my religion, my eminency to be more than just an ordinary woman.
The heavens were not created over night. Nor would there be any sunshine without the reflection of the moonlight. Nor can I supple the wisdom of my breasts without tasting my own bitterness and disappointment.
I am whole. I am one. I am full of so much love and I just can’t find a way to express myself to make it appear within the image of the moon’s beautiful grace, her unforgettable face.
So I create instead and hope for a world full of lovers, not fighters. Philosophers, not politicians. Music, not bombs. Creators, not destroyers. Energy, not bodies. Faces, not races. Water, not blood. Places for all to call a safe home.
I lay beneath the moonlight and I think what a lovely world that would be.
I harbour the strength to make this change inside of me.
la luna lucida luminoso per rivelare la mia travestimento di amore.

Wrap Your Head Around This Matireal: BADU

When reviewing Erykah Badu words seem irrelevant. It is like taking a journey on a spaceship and landing on a bright horizon of sheer creativity, funk and soul. I saw Erykah Badu at Massey Hall yesterday with the love of my life, Mr.Dacey and all I can say is that I would not rather see Badu with anyone else. Shaun and I grew up on Badu. I remember how in high school “Baduism” was the soundtrack of our desire to potentially decipher the world that we live in through her magical and intelligent communications. This was the third time I have seen Badu and possibly my favourite because of the fantastic acoustics and intimacy of the crowd. You felt like you were her student and she was your “Master/Teacher.”

I suppose to me, EB has always been like a mythical goddess of la musica. Bigger than hip hop.
She makes you feel damn good about being human and struggling and loving, that is Badu’s talent. Her ability to communicate openly her personal story with such vigor to the attention of creatively painting feelings, merged with an echo of sounds and chanting resignation. Live she is flawless and so moving, you can early see that you are not seeing a singer alone, you are seeing an artist install works of her experiences. Yesterday did not disappoint.

Badu started off with “Amerkayn Promise,” the title track from her new album and in “My People” she urges her people to hold on. The idea of America as a seed of corruption is not necessarily a new topic of investigation is any avenue of art. But Badu does it better. How? She merges a neo-soul, R& B and synchronizing sounds with a lovely classical voice. She reminds us that it is a “beautiful world that [we’re] searching for.”

Her stage was simple. No screens, just some colourful lights to illuminate her stage and show the beams of various colours that exude from her creativity. She had four sassy black lady back-up singers (which gave the feel of a old school Supremes set-up) and a bassist, guitarist, drummers x 2, synchronizer on her side table, a keyboardist and a DJ. On her table which is a familiar Badu set-up to a frequent fan , a lap top on it (so she could play songs she enjoyed to set-up some of her performances), a thermos with a mysterious liquid, a tambourine and a small set of maracas. She appeared simple; a stylish black dress that looked very classic flapper with ridges of circular rings around her petite figure, a black head piece that was in-between a helmet and a church hat. Badu is tiny but her presence is unmistakable large. Naturally I got excited and when she pulled her classical move of removing her head wear and showing her hair net, Badu stripped per say. "Next time we leave this damn hat at home, "she remarked towards the end of the show with a smile on her face. Her boots were sexy tall and black to balance her small, warm and gentle energy.

Badu threw out some crowd pleasers through her classics “Otherside of the Game,” “On & On,” “Tyrone,” “Bag lady, “…& On,” “Green Eyes, and “Danger.” You could easily identify the devotee Badu fans like me and the Dace, who knew the words to each of her pieces while others seemed to know the old better then the new. Either way the crowd was vastly eclectic, full of different faces, ages and races. It seemed to affirm that music is truly a universal language beyond classification.

Badu is a force to be reckoned with, whether or not you appreciate her arrangements is up to you. But there ain’t no mistaking that she will take you higher, elevate your soul and rejuvenate your faith in love, life and watering the seeds of our growth. Her lyrics are strongly communicated from the water of her womb and her Queendom is apparent. She speaks through the perspective of a modern ethnic woman with the power to remind us all of the simplicity of good vs. evil, pain vs. evil, stagnancy vs. growth.

I am a faithful devotee to Baduism, always. Reminded of “Me”.
"Thank you for allowing me to share my creativity," she said at the end of the show. No, thank you. You are too damn cool.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

...Going UP

I stood there and looked at the drunken white chicks pile onto the elevator.
I was sober, mainly chilling from a night of hitting down my booty on the dancefloor. I could still feel the freedom of my feet and I continued to tap my foot on the ground to the sound of my own beat.

I always look forward to encounters with a pack of white chicks for they never seem to disappoint me in wanting to shake my head.
This night would certainly not disappoint.

Going up!

One white chick said in reference to a girl they had just seen, "That girl was totally a hot tranny mess."
The other replied, "she was so not fierce. So not fierce."

I bite my tongue. I held onto my laughter and hid behind my tough lesbian, stylish exterior, how lame they sounding talking like twinks.
Amusement and judgement gargled in my throat.
I had never felt so tempted to want to slap white girls for being so ignorant and such shameless and perpetual thieves of gay culture.

You take our music, you take our style, do you have to take our gay culture too?
Will they ever think of anything original or will they always try to be you??!!

La Bonita

The first time I saw her face I knew that she was someone special.
I saw the delicateness of her smile, the fashionable way in which she carried herself so differently from the other girls.
Her eyes were electrifying and sent a bolt of energy to my mind which had felt so unamused for sometime.

At first she was shy. I could not look at her as I thought if I did she would catch how entranced I felt by her mere presence.
She was regal and strong. I could sense it off her, the way she stood, the way in which she moved. She way that she looked without fear and did not show any signs of backing down.

I sat and let it marinate on the grill of my mind, which led me to run away from wanting anything but getting to know her. What a most unpredictable way to be free when you never know that what you feel will lead you to be anything that you want to be.

Beautiful. She does not even know how much she deserves.
If I could take away the confusion, I would. If I could lead her to a place and show her that I desired to have a good time with her alone. If she only knew.

I want to kiss you.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

"Devil Wouldn't Recognize You": Madonna

Off of album "Hard Candy," which dropped on April 29th, 2008. This song is put to some of Madonna's previous video footage.

"Even the devil wouldn't recognize you. I do...I do."