Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Friday, May 20, 2011

Sun in Toronto!

The last few days I have craved nothing more than sun. Sun is the maker of active life. Enjoy the sun because it shines bright today!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Change of Fools

I think that people should experience challenge in their life. Being complacent to the the demands of the every day is a draining process, and not necessarily the best when you don't have the opportunity to be respected, heard or contribute to a greater cause. We all need change, you need change, I need change. Focus not only on being the change, but helping the change too.

Though it is hard to believe at times, there is still goodness in the world, people that care and care about caring for others. We often praise the one who owns the most possessions, or that makes the most money - but these indicators do not equate true happiness. Happiness comes when you are given the chance to grow smarter no matter what age you are, to feel more love the deeper you go, to see that we can all bind together in hand to unite ideas to what is meant for sharing. Food, water, knowledge, art, shelter, differences, kindness, growth and spirit.

Shitty things happen to good people, nobody is immune to gloom. However having the opportunity to contribute towards a difference, whether this means volunteering your time for a cause you believe in or performing the vision of that change to an audience. Life is what is made with time here on earth.