Monday, September 27, 2010

Cuba 2010

If perfection is grace, than here in this land I have found this space. When clouds appear, they never stay for long. The sky may open up to release rain, but the rain is unlike any I have ever felt before. It renews you, it is warm and full of love and life. Just like the people I have met here in Cuba, each day I spend here feels kind and inspirational. Waking up to look outside the window to the glow of the magnificent sun, watching the palm trees dance and fresh coconuts hang from the limbs of their hearts. This is a state of constant great, for if you are here you can't help but smile at the marvel of Mother Nature's creationism and Father Oceans limitlessness of maintaining life. I wish all Westerners could experience a moment of time here, for I think it would make magnetic, frivolous worries disappear. Everything is more beautiful than the capture of  words or the snap of a picture- you can't smell the air this way, nor feel the mist of a tropical rain fall om the surface of your skin. If the sky is grey, the warmness of the people and their personality distract any feelings of grumpiness and charge a patience and promise that soon enough the sun will return to smile on the land. The rhythm of the music inspires smiles all around, the motioning of hips swaying from side-to-side resembles watching a penny circle around a well. This alive paradise is where you can find natures perfection, peace and inherent happiness through the way that life is lived each day. Thank you for the memories, forever they will stay.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

3 Lastest in Xtra

Hello friends!

I have forgotten to post my latest pieces in Xtra, so here they are! The article on comedian Shawn Hitchins came out today. Enjoy!

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Monday, September 6, 2010

Camera Obscura

I have a glow because I believe you can save me. I think that you were sent to me, and I am open to welcome your influence on me. Hazy, inhale me and smoke me like a sizzling joint. Let my lips burn the tips of you fingertips as I whisper love and you see that I am swallowed by you to be a fleshy peach. Push between your thighs, open the magic door to heat.

To have me, to hold me, I have never loved you more. I bask at the site of knowing that you love me too. When you look at me you really see who I am.

Like a picture that stands still, as the camera flashes the frame. Every time I think of beauty I see your name, each time I exhale my breath I feel you move me through me - my veins, my blood, my ebbs and my flows. With you by my side I am present and it is a gift.

Never go away, I love you.