Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Vintage Vault: Black Cat Postcard

This postcard reminds me so much of my Kali Ma (aka Mother Long Legs)!

Daily Deep Dose

The way that you choose to live your life is a question of honour. You may lay flat & wait for victorious moments to feel content, or you may equally choose to acknowledge defeat, reflect on learned mistakes & move away from yesterday. The noble path includes being aware that you're valuable as long as you stay away from being fleeting with visions, hopes and love and minimize hurting others along the way. Fresh starts begin in the heart.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Daily Deep Dose

When you lead a life expecting certain outcomes to make the experience worthwhile and pleasurable, you allow yourself very little room to achieve patience and believe that opportunities will find you indefinitely. What is good for you once upon a time is not necessarily what is good for you now. Move on towards options in life that allow you to blossom and gain more insight knowing forgiveness, compassion and wrong from right. 

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Daily Deep Dose

Before I woke up to the moment, too often I would wonder how things would have been if situations didn't have to hurt in order for change to unveil. But naturally hurt and change occur and there's no use in resisting this experience of being human. All is fair in love if love remains. No matter where you hide, happiness will be elusive if you don't learn to love yourself and give love a chance.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Daily Deep Dose

Each day has the potential to bring so much unfolding. Let go of ego. Every challenging moment arrives to be surpassed, so that rejuvenation can always take central focus. Allow the unfolding of each breath to carry forward faithful direction. Reveal openly magnificent passion and share love with the world. When moments of are alive, live them fully and allow them to shine bright all inner light.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Vintage Vault: Frida and Family, 1924

Daily Deep Dose

I was born a child of the water, just like my dear Mother. Under the sea is where I first learned to breathe all the magnificence that surrounded me. As the days passed, I became a better swimmer & every now & again I would rise to the surface to observe other forms of life. The current caressed me each day & pushed me in all directions -without any resistance I knew I'd find my way. I surrendered to nature's flow, destroying the idea of control.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Vintage Vault: Women Fencing, 1885

This is so hot. Two women in dresses, looking lady-like but being bad-ass. I can't find a photo credit unfortunately.

Daily Deep Dose

The way to progress to be your best is let go of all stresses that hinder you from realizing your goals today. Who you were yesterday is no longer who you are today - things will never be the same again. Accept the roller-coaster that is life: there will be ups and downs, but no matter what, your feet will return to the ground. Straighten your spine, stand strong in position. Release your troubled mind. Don't let life pass you by.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Daily Deep Dose

The time I've spent alone has been the most life transformative. I've learned to care less about what others have, say or think and instead search for answers in quiet moments by myself.  I finally understand the fragility & importance of taking care of myself first, so that I can honestly remain empowered to help others. I've come to madly love the woman I see in the mirror each day, despite her flaws she's learning from her mistakes. 

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Daily Deep Dose

No matter how long it takes for me to connect, I know you will find me one day. I have cried oh so many tears over worries that are now long-gone. You see the thought of you coming along one day lifts so much hope from my soul. You stir my spirit to dance without inhibition. You're the one to bring me closer to myself, you forgive me for my imperfections & celebrate my mistakes. I will support you with honesty, love & grace. My love.

Daily Deep Dose

The best path to take is that of non-resistance. Trusting that life will serve me the lessons I need to learn in order to grow and know more than what I knew before. I was lost, but now I am found. I am looking for the world inside of me, rather than searching for attachments that could be snatched away from me. I know my wings will stretch wide and allow me to touch the sky if I open them without fear. You see, I can fly.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Daily Deep Dose

I won't ask for anyone's respect or kindness. I won't play games to receive affection, friendship or tenderness. I know I deserve these things & much more, so if others change their mind or decide to go, no need for me to feel awful or contemplate what I did wrong. I never take what I cannot give in return, of this I'm sure. In solidarity I've found a version of myself that no one can stand in the way of - I'm fully capable.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Daily Deep Dose

When I close my eyes and meditate, all I can hear is the liveliness of my breath. I inhale worry, I exhale peace. I inhale disappointment, I exhale possibility. I inhale the past, I exhale a fresh start. My breath is a constant that is only mine to control. I am learning to close my eyes, trust the process and let my destiny unfold. The more time I spend observing my breath, the more aptitude for guidance from spirit unfolds.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Daily Deep Dose

Emotions are an insight into our state-of-mind. Don't let emotions take over, instead take them as a guide to a porthole of what's inside. When uncomfortable feelings arise, acknowledge there presence & let them pass through you, but remain grounded with respect towards sorting out the truth from the lies. When you feel love & peace, remember those feelings inspire happiness. Be gentle to your heart; she'll always remain faithful to you.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Creating Cohesion: A Single Woman's Guide for the Inside

Changing myself hasn’t been easy. Healing myself is a process that takes place every day. There are so many valuable lessons to be learned when life does not go according to intent, or a central relationship slips away and what is left is a melancholic reflection of a projected (false) life plan. What I have come to terms with is that most people tend to put themselves before others, while I tend to put others before myself. Neither of these equations is winning, in fact it is this idea of balancing these that has become appealing to me. I use to think that if I gave all of me indefinitely, others would gravitate to the light in me. Current circumstances dictate that this plan is flawed and made in haste.

I have been lied to because the truth remained silent too long, I have felt abandoned by those I held in the highest esteem and spent my time and affection on. I have trusted another with every ounce of my heart, only to be left a wandering and lost soul desperately praying for the return of love’s spell.  What has come to me in silent thoughts; I was not taking an active role in creating my destiny, but rather hitchhiking along lives road. To love in stubbornness is not a sign of maturity, nor is restricting someone else path in the search for whatever it may be for them  to feel free. Now I can see.

For too long I chose to be blind to my issues and hide behind a lover as a protective cushion, even if she did not truly protect me beyond her convenience. I release the mind that was driven by ego, that thought that what I knew is all that I needed to know. Now I find strength in being a single woman in her 30’s, focusing on growing internally and professionally. You see if others can’t care for me unconditionally, if a lovers touch is fleeting and often defeating then I will be the one to marry myself. I will not put myself back on the market until I am able to rectify these mistakes in myself.

Happiness is not dependent on placing the blame or feeling shame. In fact happiness blossoms like flowers from concrete when you reduce the pain of the past and open your heart to always be strong enough to seek a new start.

Daily Deep Dose

I'm at a point in my life where I strive to eliminate all shady people - those who don't care or share equally. I don't expect that everyone will care to understand me or even want to get to know this version of me, but that's ok. I would rather have a handful of people in my life that reflect my values and understand me, rather than have fake people hang around me and drain me almost completely.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Daily Deep Dose

There is little time to step away from hectic pace & reflect on what opportunities are next. Don't feel like a slave to the 9-5; find a path that'll allow you to release your talents & give back to people on a regular basis. Don't lay all your pursuits to one particular outcome, instead be agile & able to move from one experience to the next to gain greater insight in areas that won't manifest unless you accept change. Just don't stress.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Daily Deep Dose

Take the time to appreciate all the simple moments in life - especially those filled with laughter and adventure. Never underestimate the power of exploration - all the magnificence just beyond your door is always awaiting exposure. Home is where the heart is, but adventure lays wherever you accept your hearts destination is next.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Daily Deep Dose

Don't compare yourself with anyone but the past carnation of yourself. Lay completed moments to rest & instead focus on being better now that you're free from past captivities. Your purpose here on earth is to grow, create purpose & stand for something meaningful, even if others don't know. Don't waste precious time worrying about what didn't work - life's about the journey towards awareness through adaptation.

With the New Moon in Aries I receive the courage to dance to a new beat. Today I transform myself to no longer be defined by my past, but welcome with an open heart all the new opportunities that come to me purposefully. I will breath & release & begin to live fearlessly, only pursuing an unwavering confidence in the power of transformation. I will triumph professionally peacefully.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

PP Power Jam #19: Last First Kiss

Tamia has such a beautiful voice. She gives me hope for some real love.

Daily Deep Dose

I'm not the kind of person to give a half effort to something that matters to me. I fight for what I believe and stay true to what inspires me. What I've come to realize is that I can't keep damaging myself by carrying pain, or all my efforts to improve myself will be in vein. I've come to understand that people will scold you, sadness will tempt you & disappoint is natural -but life will never abandon me as long as I find the will to carry on.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Daily Deep Dose

Life is ironic. What is ironic but the truth. The truth can only be found if you search inside. The hard part is enduring the pain inflicted on the outside. Be proud of your scars. Heal yourself & others. They say that the strongest hearts heal. Some days you just feel tired. Some day you feel you can't go on. Don't loose faith, keep still and breath. I am with you. This too will turn to past and you will grow in the now. Let the future come.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Daily Deep Dose

I would rather wait for more than less. I know I deserve more than what I thought I had. I know I deserve the truth. I know the truth now - I know who you are. The good thing is that I'm over the sensation of letting go of something special inside me to hostile and inauthentic hearts. Love may be blind but thanks to you I've seen it all. 

Friday, April 5, 2013


What can I say - this woman is so dreamy! A night I won't soon forget, Toronto!!! I love AK, she is one of my all time favourites. She is absolutely unstoppable and deeply talented. As some of you are aware - I am kinda in love with her too *W* Go on with your fine-self, AK.

 She started with this song, "Karma" and from there she just continued to be on fire!!!


Daily Deep Dose

Surround yourself with the type of energy you wish to emanate & create in your own life. Accept that some people are no longer healthy to carry around or keep close & let them go. Those who matter today will stay. Whatever feels healthy & right now should be your focus. Realize being aware & striving for betterment is not easy. Trust that good things happen to good people - so make it your daily intention to remain kind & helpful.

April 4, 2013:
 When I look in the mirror I want to be proud of the woman I see. I don't want her to be afraid of becoming more or making mistakes to grow. I want her to make money & look good doing it. I want her to be soulful & calm & reclaim truth. One day I started to imagine what it felt like to lift all the weight from my shoulders. Now I try to only live to create love, acceptance and healing. No matter how much the sting of bleeding love brings woe.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Opposition Elimination

Where did she go? The girl I use to be, who deep down inside was afraid of being free to dedicate herself to her dreams.

When I look in the mirror I can faintly trace the stains of the tears that have fallen from my eyes; there was a moment in time when laughter was a stranger and I felt riddled by deception and lies. I see now that it is not for me to judge others, I am simply responsible for myself. Practicing happiness is like freedom, it is worth so much more than anything trivial or wayward even at its best.

I always thought I had it all figured out - that the person I was was who I was destined to be. But for sometime now each morning and night I close my eyes tight, and I listen to my heart tell me that my past carnation has come undone - it is time for me to evolve and focus on myself for once.

What I know now is that my heart remains open and is full of such sincere love. I am getting past the past and I am moving towards a place where I can protect myself and not allow anyone else to leave me feeling distressed.

I am never alone because I have my furry babies by my side at night. They purr with such devotion and give me a reason to always try - because life has mostly been kind.

I am ready to put things in perspective and work hard to be a different type of me: finally I understand what it is like to survive by not putting up an invisible fight.

Daily Deep Dose

You were born to be brave. All the challenges that have confronted you, all the sadness that has entrenched you were simply opportunities for you to prove just how much strength you possess and overcome each test. Don't allow anyone to hold you back from finding peace, don't be afraid to let the old you die and welcome the brand new you. Each day presents you an opportunity to open your heart and love yourself without regret.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Daily Deep Dose

Sometimes I find myself wondering why. Then I realize that though I have an inquisitive mind and an honest heart, no matter how much I seek freedom from the things that hurt me, ultimately I cause myself deeper pain than anyone has ever caused me. You see, I don't wanna be everybody's fool, neither do I wanna be a shadow of my true potentiality. Allow me to be free from misery & focus on what matters truly to reach a higher state of being.