Wednesday, July 31, 2013

PP Power Jam #25: "Take a Chance"

Possibly one of my favourite songs to sing. Abba is magic.


Here she comes again.

She felt a sensation creeping in-between her thighs, which had been sleeping like a dragon for a very long time. What had come had caught her pleasantly by surprise and offered a feeling of refreshment, like ice tea in the sunlight. She smiled, elated by the journey that is life and realized that though the past year had been a challenge, it was now time to bow to her inner light. No shadow of yesterday could cast over the movements she had made to make herself a model built to last. Forgiveness for herself and the ones she once loved dearly had come, at last. She responded in the only way she knew how, by thanking the Universe for facilitating lessons that would not be taken light. This is what is feels like to peacefully say goodbye. Now she is open to receiving all goodness and ready to take flight.

Daily Deep Dose

Often we are not able to grasp the value of an experience, until we're able to fundamentally see what lessons needed to be learned. It's best not to look back on the past with glum, but warmly embrace the freedom we possess as humans to better ourselves. Think positively about how far we have come. What is available now are new opportunities, familiar kind energies and new people that will appeal tastefully & instinctively.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Daily Deep Dose

I've found a place of my own. Only the sacred of heart can join me, not foolish people with jaded misconceptions or misplaced intentions. I know my heart sits directly in my chest, where it pumps with intense vigor without rest. She beats strong even on the darkest of days, for she shines from within and cares little for what others say. The world unseen is found once peace is the only way.

Daily Deep Dose

Leaving your heart wide open to receive what may come is not easy. It takes the strongest of spirits to accept that some times it is necessary to allow yourself to die, so that you may be born again. As humans we possess two unique capacities: loving and healing. Once you have mastered those skills in yourself, you are ready to apply them to guide others who may need your help. We're all connected.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Daily Deep Dose

When fear came, she remembered that it was not worth her conquer. That in her greatest moments she had resigned to knowing that the Universe is kind and wise, and though things often could seem convoluted and the past lingered in thoughts here and there, now came a time to be free again. Better than she ever was before, now it was time to let her inhibitions go and hold on to hope.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Daily Deep Dose

Success is measured by the conviction you place in perusing fulfillment. If you are not happy, don't be afraid to let go. Remember that though you may feel stuck in a moment, when the time comes to breakaway, you will do so. Until then, stay cool and try to remember that you have the opportunity to seek brighter days. Though you may feel exhausted, beaten and unappreciated, remain optimistic that you will find the way.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Daily Deep Dose

I've come to understand the importance of having respect for myself. That having respect isn't affirmed by others opinions or measurements of me, or their ability to value me.  I've become aware of standing up for myself when in my gut I know it's better to express myself, rather than be compliant like the rest. While money can buy opportunity, it can't buy respect. Respect is a self-sustained occupation; inspire yourself! 

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Daily Deep Dose

There is no substitute for love. Love is full of every harmony and sensation of being alive. When you realize the abundance of love in your life, you become liberated and can easier defeat spiritual and emotional vice. Surround yourself with like-minded individuals, those who share the same hopes, values and dreams. Celebrate your uniqueness but realize the foundations of friends and family that have molded you throughout life. 

Friday, July 19, 2013

Daily Deep Dose

I never thought I could replace the void she left in my heart, the day she walked away. The thought of not having the life which I had invested so much time into. But now I see, love truly has been good to me. Though lovers have walked away, the mark they have left on my heart is undeniable. The time had come for changes larger than I could have anticipated. A time to really lay faith in love - and trust she will show me the way.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Daily Deep Dose

Anger can be a very motivational emotion if you spark it to push yourself & change the world around you. Create life by never losing sight of the vision, or what gives you a sense of an empowered life. Use anger with caution, for if you let it consume you, it may destroy you. Instead of letting it define you, allow anger to guide you towards what feels wrong and right. The are things worth fighting for, but they are also long overdue goodbyes.

Say My Ethnic Name!

Ok, people. Enough is enough. My first name is not Paula. My last is not Pandy. And I AM nasty! Born from my deep frustration, a little exercise for you folks who can't pronounce names that are not Peter, Paul or Mary. Mostly ethnic name are butchered by white people, but sometimes your own people jack-up your name just the same. Example: "Samuntha" - "No it's Samantha, Mom."

Just think of it this way before you say my name, say my name: what ever your instinct tells you to pronounce, ignore the hell out of it. Nor try and raise the infliction in your voice to distract me - you have basically called me a name of an 85 year old white woman. Pearl - really? Am I in 1816?

If you don't know how to say a name, ask! Bloody genius concept. When you reply to emails, stop trying to make me a Caucasian woman or a Caucasian man. My name is Parul Pandya. Learn it. Read it. Goggle it. My parents are from Africa, I am South Asian. I am born in England. I grew-up in Canada. Are you confused? Good. Say my ethnic name!!!

The kicker, how people mis-reply to emails with signatures. I even bold that ish. You can see it, say it with me - say my ethnic name!!! No, my name is not Pardeep or Manjeet, Priya or Pinkie Patel. It's Parul Pandya - say my muthaf$ckin name!!!

That's my organic Hindu beef.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

PP Power Jam #24: "I Ain't Mad at Cha"

Tupac Shakur inspires me to keep trying and preaching.

2Pac - I Ain't Mad At Cha [HD] by BoosterMan75

Daily Deep Dose

I won't allow fake-ass bitches to insult the respect I have worked so hard to attain. Sure I can be the recipient of punches, but every time I'm knocked down, you can be sure I'll get the fuck up. What they underestimate is that I'm a sly pussy with nine lives. No matter what, with or without support, I will succeed and survive. My ancestors fought for emancipation, I won't be a slave to modern life, where there's only corporate hypocrisy and gain.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Daily Deep Dose

Today is the beginning of my 32nd year. The last year has been very challenging for me on a personal level. While at times I felt as though I was not going to make it through, I have learned that when I depend on my heart as my guide, there is no situation I can't pull through. Who I was then, only ushered in what I need to be today. Through reflecting and forgiving myself, I have come to understand my spirituality for the first time.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Daily Deep Dose

How does justice prevail when the hearts of people can be full of such deep racism and bigotry? Justice is not handed down though penalty in so many cases of despicable hate. Let us mediate that families and friends, even the population that believes in truth can find peace in knowing the truth. That the judicial process does not replace the justice we all will face one-day, when we are laid to rest.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Cupid's Call

As Madonna says, "life is a mystery. Everyone must stand alone." There are lessons that each one of us are meant to learn, as we journey through a lifetime. Being introspective is not an easy task. It is not what we are taught is important to be balanced in our everyday life. Instead we are are led to believe that self-gain and satisfaction is the name of the game. So why give all that you have, when there are no guarantees in life? All that you have is all that you are. The only way to attain true freedom is to be unafraid of showing yourself, your talents and what it is that you have come to appreciate. To stand for something you believe, to preach about what you have gone through and now you can see how people perpetually deceive, but it's for you to forgive when the time is right. There is no reason on keeping flighty energy in your life. Let go of those who left you behind, it was not you that gave up. However, neither find it intelligent to keep trying when resignation time seems like it could be right. Never beg anyone to love you, for love is much more honourable and potent when it resides within your own heart. You will never fully appreciate another until you are able to see the beauty of your imperfections and feel proud.

Each day, when you begin anew, think of all the things you have already gone through. Think about the lessons that you have the ability to welcome. Don't shy away and treat them as if they are without merit, and if you don't chose to listen, than don't claim yourself as a victim. Think about who you let into your heart, as like Cupid, you must protect the sanctity of love.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Daily Deep Dose

I've keenly become aware of the people that I spend my time with & how they influence me, personally. I observe that in the past I surrounded myself with much younger energy & this kept me from developing into maturity. Now that my life has changed so drastically & allowed me to focus solely on me, I see that I in fact held myself back from attaining goals that matter to me. I won't adjust myself for anybody, instead ill seek similarity.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Daily Deep Dose

Setting healthy boundaries is necessary to survive and live a happy life. While it can hurt to let go or say no, it can also liberate and lay path to a new way that otherwise would not have come your way. Allow your heart to continue to strive. Release tension and forgive those who may have hurt you, it's not worth it to have them dictate you, when they are no longer available to you. The present is fresh, so make it your best.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Daily Deep Dose

The more we allow positive thoughts to enter our minds, the more enlightened life appears. The longer we hold on to the past, the more burden we carry into our present circumstance. Life has a miraculous way of healing itself, like scars that fade with time. It's up to us to let nature rejuvenate itself, rather than spread anger and hate about past circumstances and mistakes. Freedom is an active state.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Daily Deep Dose

Changing status from victim to creator is one of the most powerful evolutions humans can undertake. The Phoenix rises from the ashes only after she burns away the pains of yesterday. Realizing that letting go may not be easy, she chooses to rise to the occasion to begin anew, again. The greatest power she learns is to love herself and ignite fragments that hinder her from growing, and watch them fade away.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Daily Deep Dose

Spend kindness on those who deserve & appreciate you. Don't dwell on those who lost interest in you, or seemed to have forgot you. Chances are in truth, they will always remember you, it may just be your damaged ego peaking through. What matters most as humans continually grow, are those who consistently show support. Let go of emotions that no longer serve you. Let love stay the focal point & effortlessly root.

Daily Deep Dose

July 5/2013 
I'll be the last woman standing. You don't wanna mess around with me if you can't handle me. It took so much struggle to build myself to here, but trust me, I won't be faded by irrational fear. I have crossed the borderline and been wound up like a clock, tick tock. Understand I have given all that I can, it's time for me to get mine. To trust the process deeper than I should have ever trusted you. To allow good intentions to rise on top.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

PP Power Jam #23 "He Wasn't Man Enough for Me..."

Feeling some old TB. Feeling good today and this song makes me smirk!

Daily Deep Dose

Go ahead and try to break me. Nothing you say will shame me or sway me. Each time you leave me behind or tell me I am not enough, I will smile and wish you good luck. I place no person above myself, for it is me I have to push and forgive each day. I realize abundant self- love is a sacred place to cultivate a life that's authentic. I don't need second best or a job that does not appreciate me. I only need ambition, hope and faith to complete me.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Daily Deep Dose

Healing starts from within. The more you work at it, the closer you'll come to peace. Meditate & reflect that disappointment allows time to reinvent yourself into someone more potent then before. Before any trauma, heartbreak or experience, you were complete. These moments have served a purpose to allow you to evolve & see your flaws. You can now bravely let your spirit go where it needs to go.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Vintage Vault: Bay Street, Toronto

Toronto's now booming  financial district, somewhere around 1918-1920.

Daily Deep Dose

I'm fed-up of letting others control how my day floats & how good I feel I'm worth. It is harder to be honest with yourself, than escape & blindly delve into someone else's opinions of yourself. I keep hearing the echoes of the past, but with all my might I'm reminding myself that I'm far past that. I'm beginning to care less about trying with those who can't make time for me. My closest companion has become the truth. She won't betray me.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Daily Deep Dose

I use to be afraid of being alone, now I remember all the constant love & support I have, that follows me wherever I go. I’ve built myself a home with my two girls, & they've become the foundation of my sense of stability. They provide the gentleness, kindness and unconditional love I crave & keep me focused on keeping my little family safe & cared for. I use to be afraid of being alone, but now I have a reason to be braver & more mature then I've allowed myself to be before.