Sunday, March 2, 2008

White People Are Hazerdous Because...

5) They eat lots of macaroni and cheese and when it comes out of them in fart form, it smells like dead babies.

4) They have no sense of style and they try to hide it by wearing ethnic, trendy items. Don't wear headwraps, Jamaican colours or a sari. You ain't got no's written all over your boring skin.

3) Their babies are see-through. They look like tadpoles. Notice how white parents always over-compensate their love for their white babies?
Patty: "Isn't she a doll!"
Henry: "We are the luckiest parents alive! She looks like a beautiful angel!"
That is because they have no soul and are afraid that they will kill them at nighttime. Angel of death, yes.

2) They steal everyone’s land. Colonization ring a bell? Perhaps slavery? We wade in the water and picked cotton because we are obviously far more capable of survival through instinct and adaptation, than their funny redneck skin. Burn mutha, burn!

1) They always spill their drinks on the dancefloor and scream really loud. This is clearly to cover up the fact that they can't dance, for they have no innate rhythm. If you’re going to spill your drink, spill it into my mouth, you stupid-ass!
Patty: "Look Martha! I am really busting a move!"
Martha: "Yes you are Patty! I would say you are even shaking it like a salt shaker! Oh my!"
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