Monday, March 3, 2008

When? How? Why? Who?

When did I loose my faith in having a worthy path, a purpose that would see me uncover my destiny?
When did I forgot that I was someone who was worthy of seeing my dreams come true?
When did I feel so scorned that I forgot that I was seeking a real love that would always happily be strong for me, as strong as I am for her?
How did I get so far away from knowing what was good for me, that I came close to suffocating my own soul?
How did I become so weak that I was no longer a positive role-model for my un-born child, or even those around me who believe in me?
Why am I not smart enough to know that you are not the one?
Why can’t I just appreciate the beauty of life, without fearing never seeing you again?
Why does it hurt so badly when I know that there is so much I am grateful for?
Who’s gonna rescue me from myself?
Who am I?
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