Sunday, March 23, 2008

M.I.A - On Your Skin Musical Revolution

Straight out this is the coolest brown chick in the world (well tied with me...(0:)

I saw her live about 2 years ago (she regularly frequents T-Dot) and she has one HYPE crowd. Her energy is wicked and she is socially conscious, her beats are tight and she infuses electro, dancehall beats and pure bhangra goodness. M.I.A is the real deal...MASH IT UP!!!

M.I.A. is Maya Arulpragasam, 32, a Sri Lankan artist who grew up in London after her family was forced to flee her nation's civil war. Her father was deeply involved with this movement and this no doubt influenced her writing and need to emote what she had seen, heard and felt through her creative expressionism. While her first album Arular, dealt with more political issues and her body as politics within her displacement, her ambitions and refugee educations (dash that curry!), her latest album, Kala is about her brown skin and using it to describe both having an insider and outsider perspective of observation on society and culture, as long as she keeps her refugee status and visa close by.

Kala is genius and exceeds even beyond Arular with some crazy experimentation's for sound, effects and breaks. Representing for the brown ladies all around the world is M.I.A.


From Arular,"Galang."

From Kala, "Bird Flu."
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