Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Universal Realignment

I’m seeing the universe inside of me. A universe full of love, happiness and so much mystery. A universe that I combusted my bright star in by myself from disrespecting my own worth and the temptation of desperation of what it is that I thought I needed, that made me very unwell. I have never felt happy when am sad and in pain, never. Love is all I need, for it is all that really matters. People will come, people will go. Love will always remain my consort, my noble stead, my humblest companion. I do not wish to do anything less than inspire people with my strength and belief in the power of love. Come on baby, you got to keep on moving. I am moving in the direction of the one virtue I wish to reach before my expiration into a renaissance into a new body with the same soul; the truth. Karma will go around so put out the time, energy and understanding that you need to continue on your path towards enlightenment. If there was no love is my day, I would rather stay in isolation. I see it now, it is all around me. In my hands I wield the power to love through eternity and beyond. I am not an ordinary woman, I am extraordinary. The bruises of emotions past and the fear of making it on my own, I put them to rest. I am everything I want to be and I will be everything I want be always. I will be your friend, I will be your sister, I will be your lover, I will be your secret admirer, I will be your jester, I will be your advisor, I will be your guide. My worth is beyond the measure of gold and diamonds. I have a heart that will not bend. I have dreams that only a dreamer can romanticize into the truth. I sit and reflect on the days gone by and now I know it is time for me to go back into the womb of warmth that I was born of. An embryonic fluid energy of magnificent creationism. I will be a creator, not a destroyer. I have the power to be god. I will build dreams, I will not tare them into pieces. I will not be defined by physical wealth and attainment, I will be spiritual on appreciating the little things that mean everything to me. I re-invent myself to be born again into the wisdom that I already posses.
The time is for loving and inspiring. Now.
A star is re-born.
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