Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Love Technician

Those who speak to me in the right voice, I shall allow to follow me.
Away from this place of misconstrued falsifications, illegible shredded pieces of paper containing the wisdom of direction that has gone astray.
If you come with me you will begin to see that nothing is of matter except that loves that resides between you and me. Allow me to heal you.
I know it is not easy, but if you are honest in your journey it can never be that way. I will administer the temperature when you decide to rise and restore the faith in the love that we share. A essence of energy that grows with infinite power between you and me. But first with me.
Like a fire you must tend to this mutual flame and never let it sizzle out and turn into a pile of ashes and molten strain.
Human connections are bestowed upon us as a challenge to see if we are able to envision that my brothers and sisters, together we are meant to be.
Do not allow history to repeat itself, a change can only start if we are strong enough to challenge the destruction and pain that has been tormenting us from reaching our highest elevation away from bullets of inhumane.
We were born to create, not to destroy without the responsibility of fate to appreciate, that which we allowed to slip away because we were not able to understand the lesson that before us have taken shape.
Open your mind to and you will see that I am a not full of anger and disappointment, it is always just a temporary strain on me.

I was sitting underneath the apple tree when the apple hit the top of me. Pop!
A bubble floated out of my head and into a stream that connected with the hand of the ocean of what ebbed and flowed into the center of me.
The apple, when it impacted the top of my petite head, snapped me out of my heightened sense of self-inflicted insane and reminded me that in my principles I must stay without sway.
Seek and you shall find. Guide and they shall follow.
I am a love technician that has been granted the opportunity to free those who will open their heart to me. I am not here to receive if I am not first here to give. I give you my words that beat with a persistent and reliable sound within my chest, my voluptuous breasts.
I unravel the exhausting miles that have been run through the blood in my veins, around and backwards, forward and defined only with the intention of gaining knowledge of loving through the rain.
I take a bite of this juicy, red apple. It tastes good to me.

I regain a moderation of analytical feeling that is my mine to share beyond the seed of a worm that has the ability to eat away my inner wears.
Lean over, spread your soul, let me inject you, it is beyond the comprehension of your control.
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