Friday, March 14, 2008

Clients LOVE Fridays!

Tell me why it is that clients love Fridays to drop bomb shells on you?! They, like ginger kids, have no soul. The interesting part of working in the production industry, is gaining an appreciation for just how long it takes to set-up, shoot, record voice overs and edit (mix and add supers, when necessary). Their passive- agressiveness to pretend that they do not hear the realistic timeline to recieve a quality product is fasinating. I never fail to be amused by their mad demands and their stingy pockets.

Why do they choose Friday? Because they want you to have no life and wither away until your fingers bleed.

All I need to say is BA-HUMBUG! Here's to all the little people in the world that slave away to make the big people happy! TG feels for you. I need a joint.

Back to work.
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