Saturday, March 15, 2008

Fashion Icon Report: Spring/Summer 2008

Accessories make my life be filled with stylistic expression. They say Express Yourself. Well Madonna does and necklaces, braclets, earings, belts, hats, rings, scarves, head wraps and hair. I care a little more for my body because I can wear things that are not just for warmth. Brrr...winter.

I have been out to the malls helping a friend hunt for a wedding outfit for her trip to a wedding in Mexico. We all can use some sun after this winter, Torontonians come together. You feel me? I am slightly envious as I to am dreaming of a beach and a daiquiri. But I have compensated for my envy by treating myself to a couple small pieces of art fashion. Mama loves her accessories!

I am happy to report that the season of fashion forward is looking very BRIGHT! I love the colour. I am glad to see the sun come back out with the colour.

This years spring/summer trends seem to be revolving around an array of bright shades. Floral print will be the trend to appreciate, as it is being executed with more of a fun-retro feel to it, more loopy and large, as opposed to 1973 tacky couch, Tabi business. Remember that pattern is to look sharp and display an abstract appreciation for looking casual and sleek and fun. Not a bad combination.

An split between 1940's and 1970's inspired colours seem to be dressing the racks. I have seen many more bold abstract pieces of both clothing and jewelry.
Green, pink, orange, fuchsia, yellow, orange, cherry red and lively shades of red and blue and grey. Gold and silver can add a sparkle of fancy to an outfit. Charm bracelets, amulets and earrings that are not as heavy as a more neutral tone, winter jewelry choice. There is an appreciation for fun pieces and eclectic flare. Wooden jewelry has become more visible on shelves and show appeal to those who want a piece that connects organics to fashion. Bling can get heavy in the summer and wearing our earth seems pretty hippie cool to me (0:

However you look at the season of fashion ahead it not as flat, un-inspiring and toneless as the last few seasons of collections and the blindness and boredom they created for my eyes. I was about to use my Donatella panic button!

Form fitting continues to be a classic trouser cut. But don't feel afraid to try and wear things that do not stick to your body. Sometimes a little left to the imagination can peak the admiring eye of a stranger. Remember we go from really cold to really hot. You do not want to have a sweaty crotch, embrace a pair of handsome cotton or linen pants. Clean lines and nice tailoring to show off your most lovely form is what I recommend.

In shoes many wedges, flat sandals (I really like those reminiscing the style of Athenian fashion). More prominent thicker heels, rather than stick heels and more focus of form than on the embellishments. Rich colours and items with more individual personality for its wearer to actually rock.

Don’t be cheap if you desire to look confident and stylish, but don’t buy based only of brand. Look around at different stores and weigh your options, there are pieces to choose from for Spring/Summer 2008.
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