Sunday, March 16, 2008

Vision of Love

You are the heart of my soul.
Every morning I rise and am so grateful to be blessed to have you smile in your sleep through the long hours of the lonely night, beside me.
I will always put you first because I know the rarity of your beauty divine.
I know that love is not easy to maintain, not your average 9-5.
It doesn’t take long for me to notice the glow you shine into my life.
Hold my hand and feel my strength, I would defend you with my dying breath.
I would rest still at your side and hold you tight without any hesitation of wanting to ever say goodbye.
I feel no shame in admitting that you have ignited the light that shines within me so bright.
I know that times will change, but my love will always remain as constant as the sun will rise again and again.
Not a damn thing will come between you and I. I promise to always try.
I would die for you, I would lay at your feet and cry an ocean if it leads me into the tides of your heart.
Without you by my side, I would be so scared of falling apart.
I would be left with the roar of my emotions and a ravaged, dented heart.
You allow me to see beyond myself and remind me that there is something that I was sent to make.
A home that I want to share with only you, my love. You are safe inside me.
With my two hands I will build the dreams that you wish to see come true.
Like a mountain glorious, touching the tallest of skies.
I will encourage you, I will forgive you for all your flaws.
I will confide in you, I will allow you to be my child.
You mean the world to me beyond the realm of what I can see.
You have touched the core of my spirituality.
It is with you that I want to be.
My love, you make it all alright.
Come close to me, I want to love you through the night.
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