Saturday, March 8, 2008

Term Twister: PIANO BUTT

What is Piano Butt?
Piano butt is formed by sitting at the piano too much from a young age. The result is that your butt is manipulated to take on the form of the piano bench that you sit on. Yes, you literally become one with your piano through the impact it leaves on your butt. Piano butt.

Characterisics of Piano Butt:
One hell of a flat ass. Even if you started with some junk in your trunk, it becomes pressed into a whole-lota-nada. Can be mistaken as a flat white person ass, but you must see beyond the keys!

Example of Piano Butt:
A prime example is Alicia Keys. As much as a fine-ass woman she is, you can't but help but wonder what you would have for desert, what you would hold on to when you give it to her penitentuary syle.
I am conflicted, though I would still like to hide under the piano and eat her while she sings and plays to me. Gulp. Talented musician or no ass? Burn that piano I say! If you got no ass, I ain't got time for you!

I still love you AK.
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