Monday, March 24, 2008

My Commute Downtown

I got on the train and I looked for a seat.
I saw one in the far corner and messily in my morning daze I fumbled over with my hood up and my headphones on.
It was like any other morning, but then I looked up.
There she was. She was dark and her skin was as smooth as creamy butter melting on the tip of my quick tongue.
I flicked the track on my Ipod, the mood was not right.
I tried not to stare, but she was sitting right there.
I was one arm length away from me feeling her body pressed deeply against mine.
I crossed my legs and she continued to cross my mind.
I first noticed her juicy, thick lips.
She was resting and her eyes were closed.
I licked my lips.
I wanted to suck the nectar out of her and leave my love bites all over her body.
I have no control over my need to want to fuck her deeply.
I wanted to taste her spread open, sitting on my face.
My pussy was pounding like a drill of deep discovery.
I could not/I did not want to stop my mind from tracing every inch of her body with the tip of imagination.
Each curve of her remarkable body that I had now began to piece together like a puzzle from my attention to her details.
I imagined if I was bold and she had opened her eyes, she would see me looking at her with hunger, with pure desire.
I thought of how I would take her home and pour her some wine, light some candles and ask her to unwind.
Put on some Jodeci and ask her to be mine for this moment in time.
Open yourself to me.
I would pull her close and tell her how much I wanted to feel her inside of me.
Once she had broken me loose, I would ask her to pull out and taste me on her fingers.
Taste me.
I want to make her sweat like a good cardio session, but I want her not only be dripping with sweat, but the juice her body has expelled with joyful praise.
My mouth felt dry, I swallowed.
Feeling the hot candle wax drip down my back.
Just watch me burn.

Ding! Ding! We have arrived at the station.
I have come into the city today.
I smile at her, have a nice day (0:
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