Thursday, March 6, 2008

Queen of the Jungle-Sea

I know a Lion Woman.
She has a delicate, shining fur that embellishes the beauty of the scars she wears under her assumed thick skin. The golden fur and her deep scars that are hidden beneath give her such character.
What people don’t know is that when the hunters try and hunt her, she uses her glowing fur to deter the fear in her eyes. No one can ever read the fear in her eyes. Initially she allows herself to be a spectacle to entertain and even inspire those around her in the wild world. People see how she wears her gorgeous coat with such ferocious pride, that to them she is magnetic, enticing. They all gather around her in worship. She is unlike any other lioness they have ever seen. She wields such power with her roars, yet she also shows such open vulnerability through her deep purr. She is unlike any lioness they have seen

Yet though they see this unique beauty, they still choose to carelessly shot at her and be amused to her stuttering retreat into a quit corner away from glaring eyes. The hunters who have sought her do not have they intention of killing her, unusually enough, they just wish to benefit from watching her in her natural habitation. The way she moves, the way she thinks, the way she feels through things around her. She is unlike any lioness they have seen.
She is impossible to ignore.

When she was first born she was not an ordinary lioness. She had a small bump on her back and she did little allow this to make her feel different, or ostracized from the other lionesses around her. In fact, she knew the nature of survival for a lioness was the coming together of them to hunt to find just the perfect prey. This small bump on her sturdy back grew into a shell, which most resembled that of a crab. Now they were sure that she was unlike any lioness they have seen.

The Lion-Crab Woman.
She is seasoned to firstly protect those who she loves with all the might of her will. For that is what a lioness and a crab do, they protect. But she sometimes forgets how to protect herself.
In the battlefield she has fallen only prey to one defeat. The inability to adapt to the hunters that dangle meat at her face and then leave her with nothing but rotten meat to consume. This makes her very, very ill.

She is unlike any lioness-crab they have ever seen.
When she is ill, her guts are openly expelled time and again.
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