Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Brown People Are Scary Because...

Alright! Here it is kids. What you have been waiting for. A good old racist battle! My dear friend and fellow art genuis, Shaun "The Dace," aka: The Tall White One, wants to get back at me for all my anger, agression and RACISM towards white people. So he is coming back with some ammunition aimed at my phamily!

So here is what he has to say against my people.

5. They tilt their heads back and forth when giving attitude, telling a joke, giving instruction, or taking orders.

4. They don't understand when its is appropriate to give comments...usually yelling out their opinion in an exajerated accent...and then repeating it in a softer tone to make sure those around have heard.

3. They call each other by weird baby names...Gigi, papa g, uncle g, bunty, etc...

2. Everytime they dance they think its some kind of Bollywood movie...Women motioning in the air and completing slow full hip movements in large circle formations, or men moving side to side pretending they are moving giant scarves across their shoulders...usually hitting us white people in the head with no rhyme or rhythm.

1. Their B.O. STINKS!!!!
like moldy curry

There bitch. You gave your kind of people a voice. Don't forget I still have the power of the bobble-bobble back-slap! Watch your back T.W.O.

Kiss a cow in a chunnari with your white, pointy cap on, I say! I am sure we can all get along.

Cheers Dace.
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