Monday, September 2, 2013

Mediterranean Moving Moments: My Pictures from Europe 2013

I wrote quite a lot in my diary when I was in Europe. Here are a few photos and I wanted to share extracts from a piece ...

Once you see the range of natures formations, you realize how insignificant you are. Yet, every seed of life has a place. Whether the endless blue sea, or the harmonious marriage of the mountains and the coastline. What is realized is that control is far beyond humankind...

I release myself to be with what`s natural to me, instinctively. Define my own creativity. To love endlessly, with a compass guiding towards Motherland (a place to revere, celebration and nurture).  I am trying to keep my attractions in perspective, but there is no perspective when love is in the air. Existing, letting go the need to place barriers or affirmations....

But as the laws of nature state, you will attract back what you make of yourself: thoughts, emotions and choices. Wash back into the ocean of it all, where life begins and often ends.

Fatigue, I remove the shell on my back full of duties. I relax and try to breath all the history into my lungs. Where magnificence is realized is in abundance of beauty is outside, so vibrantly alive. Then you can quietly return to your heart and mind and remember inspiration - a reason to make art and express love.

Sagrada familia, Barcelona.

On top of Barcelona with my bro!

Placa reial.

Crab thing near one of many Barcelona beaches.


The officers in Florence. Really. Arrest me and fashion me hard.

I Medici, Firenze.

Like seeing history in real!

Beauties in Rome.

The Prince

Rome is powerful.


Gladiators, ready!!

Ancient graffiti.

The Colosseum. EPIC.

Aunt P and Sisi - haha!

My family.

Showing my Mom how a Gladiator handles business.

Them biting my style.

Trevi Fountain.

It`s good to be Pope!!!

Welcome to Vatican City.

Enter the Vatican Museum.

Symbol of Papal power. Yep. An acorn you don`t wanna mess with.

My first major gulp in Vatican.

So awesome.


The torso Michelangelo used to inspire il Davide. This man is hot.

The Ancient Egyptians are even recognized for their glory for a second, among Christiandom. 

I was spinning around and around....all too much to process.

Before entering the staircase to the Sistine Chapel. I will never forget the Sistine, I will return. There are no cameras or flashes allowed in the Sistine, but the beauty of Michelangelo`s passion is present,

La Pieta  - this is a major Michelangelo memeory  for me. Sheer genuis.

St. Peters Basilica. Glorious.

One of the most amazing days in my life. Rome - sigh.

Meera Magdalene and Sister Sienna!!

The guide and I talked Renaissance the whole time. She appreciated my Renaissance Studies background - lol!! She was an art historian and amazing.

Guess who lived here...Michelangelo Buonarroti.


Driving in Italy is so scary!!! Also easy to be distracted by the beauty.

Ciao Sicily!

Original black lava rock in Pompeii.

Welcome to Pompeii - the city!

Ancient gym.


You can see the years of excavation and preservation.

Public running water available now and then.

How to keep people from pissing on your store wall - this Jewish man drew a serpent.

Just around in the brothel. I learned there were 27 in Pompeii - I guess there was a lot more than trading spices going on...enter...



Stove.Wonder if they made pizza..

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Caste of a man in Pompeii among artifacts.

Caste of a young woman. Notice the ancient wagon too!

Our guide - he had a murse. I nicknamed him Tinkicarlo. He was full of passion - mama mia!

Mt Vesuvius.

Goodbye Pompeii.

At sea.

Sicily has zodiac shoutouts!

Italia - bella! Taormina, Sicily.

Piu jesu.

Sienna Soleil with the Soleil.

Holy Southern Italy batman! This was Mamma...

This was my brother and I`s ship patio. I sang A LOT!!! I just stared at the endless blue and realized how powerful water is to life.

My diary seaside.

Just took a shot of a bridge in Italy from the ship. Crazy cool - TNT!!


Looking down from our balcony.

palma de mallorca, Spain.

Barcelona beach. Yes. Gay ass.

Double rainbow in Barcelona. I LOVED Barcelona.

Marseille, France.

We did a wine tour, I was drunk by 1030am.

Cassis, France.

Mighty bling Monaco.

Um hum.

RIP Grace Kelly.

Ceramic shop in Monaco.


Florence. I have always wanted to be a Medici. 

Dreams come true!


Tight ass!

Tourist Firenze shot!!

Sagrada altar piece. Magnificence!

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