Friday, September 6, 2013

Beautiful Suprise

One day she started swimming away from the shore. The pull of sharing her affection with no limitation was the ultimate draw. She realized the magnificence of the ocean and she could not help but want to feel it more. Eventually she learned to embrace the gentle push and shoves of the waves, and when it came time to be playful, she would toss and tumble and embrace her troubles away. She swam and swam for all of her life, and then one day she was slapped with an unpleasant surprise. Her feet began to feel torn and her heart worn, yet she realized there was not a place to rest in sight. She had gotten so far away from the shoreline; she had in fact lost sight. She had the intention of exploring the infinite possibilities of natural treasures that hid under the water, but now she could not see the beauty that surrounded endlessly, just the merciless and devouring blue sea. She realized in that moment just how vulnerable she was, that crying was without merit for it would just bleed until it hit the surface of the water, but then be no more. For many days and nights she waited for someone to gravitate towards her by seeing her inner light. She felt in her best moments is shone extremely bright. Then one evening, to her sudden surprise, a small shipped seemed to be approaching her with calming vibes. Could this be the one to save her life? Joyfully she waved as she realized it certainly was heading her way. Quite a distance away, she knew that she had to remain patient before it would reach her way. For days she mimicked the actions the ship would make, hopeful that she would be rescued and made to feel human again. What felt like an eternity of waiting, eventually the ship came within reach. She washed the water over her face, cleansing all the sins of her previous mistakes (mainly for naively swimming away). She smiled and with what little energy remained in her body, pulled herself closer to the vessel, as to lend a helping hand. Face to face with the stranger that had come from out of nowhere, she felt revitalized like a charged battery and ready to face her mistake of swimming so far away. Without a word she looked up and saw the silhouette of a beautiful and thin woman. From the reflection of the moonlight, it was the kindness in her eyes that most caught her by surprise. “Why is it that you have come for me,” she asked the stranger, “you don’t even know me.”  With nothing but grace, the thin woman reached out her hand and lifted her to a safe space. “The reason I came is because I could see your light all the way from the North Bay, which is some 300 miles away. I knew I had to come to you to remind you how to swim again, for you had given up on intuitively knowing the way back again.” She looked puzzled, was this thin woman going to kill her and leave her to die? “Remember that you know the way and you made it worth my while to head this way to remind you, sweetness, now swim away.” Then the beautiful stranger took her hand, kissed her softly on the cheek and pushed her back in the water.  
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