Sunday, September 8, 2013

Love Slave

Life can be sad because it is mostly blind. There is no way to decipher if two similar organic molecules will activate or inhabit intent with everlasting vibrations, or sizzle reaction and melt way. Being alone is the only way to realize how to survive - to fight for your right to be healthy beyond any encountered ailments.

I mediate to feel safe listening to the pounding of heart, exhaling meaningful values without inhaled fears.  It’s time for loving. Don’t worry about me; I am stronger than even I believe. Just love me.

Where the heart takes you, quietly follow. Let your mind and soul rise to ignite freedoms sight.  

Do you remember me? Can you feel the familiarity of my breath on your perfect skin when I whisper your name sweetly? Playing by the rules only results in loosing someone arbitrary. A lover or a friend.

Before you, I offer unquantifiable intentions but stand assured, if you put me to the test, I will always try. Touching, feeling, growing to connect, no matter how independent you are, you will crave my tenderness in moments.We could fool around and lay in the sun hand-in-hand.

To rock a lover low, kissing lips while smiling, scrubbing the pomegranate body wash over each other’s bodies, rarely loosing eye contact. You and I are the performers on the stage tonight, but the house lights are low and there is no audience to grade our performance. Let me show you how to feel like a star.

Loneliness is the most perpetual lamentation when these arms aren’t holding you.  Life can be sad, but like I always do, I will monologue my heart, tear myself apart and begin with a fresh start. Love shine through, without you I have no purpose to come through.
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