Friday, September 13, 2013

Epistemological Roots

We are all born alone and we all die alone. We are born and will die to be with peace. We all emerge from where we come. All the pain that resonates from yesterday lingers from what others did not say, or said too late. Whether it is the encouragement we sought from our siblings, the pride that we were rarely shown by our fathers, or the weight of seeing it all carried by our mothers. No matter how much we love ourselves and seek to achieve what feels right today, we are all slightly damaged from the tenderness we never received, be it emotional, physical or spiritual.
The Family Album, by Angu Walters
 The touch of an ex-lover before coldly saying goodbye, the smile of a stranger who captures our eyes, then gets on the train and continues his/her ride. We are all shaped by experiences, whether this is perceived as a positive or negative experience is strictly our ability to rationalize and accept the shortcomings of our fellow humans. It is best to recognize that we are all so vitally complex. That we are unable to say what we never heard back in the days. Or perhaps the way that we are able to go about showing ourselves is reflective of the ways we were encouraged to express ourselves. Over-emotional, under-amused, over-intelligent, under-sensational, we are all just fumbling away from the shadows of the past. How we function with that shadow is a choice. Whether we are covered by its masking or we chose to walk by its side.

Look in the mirror, not for the sake of vanity but to see what the body has manifested of the spirit within. Does what pushes us determine our worth, or is our worth determined by what pushes us? What is it that we are trying to relay or leave as a legacy? Is what we seek in others what we lack in ourselves? Never ask for anyone’s time if they are not able to share it, never beg for anyone’s affection if they are unable to show it. Accept people for who they; the most imperfect perfection and reflection of a lifetime of jaded and hopeful experiences. Nobody wants to be alone.
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