Monday, September 9, 2013

Distinctive Whole

I will set my soul on fire for you, just to be close to you. Take notice of what`s in front of you, I am a one with equal to none sexual liberation. Come and get it if you want some. Long, lingering, lustful looks to transform your reality into savoury feelings all over you. Realizing together, the way our bodies and minds jive is inherent ecology, beyond any categorization, social implication or mundane rationalization. Even at the bottom of the sea, I would reach to you and caress you  kindheartedly. I would find the push to put aside my fears and dive into the shadows of your mind to stand with you. Even if I could not see you, I am confident I could feel you. I think you would feel me too. After our lips meet and we exchange breath, I would stay grateful for long as we can stay that way. Submerged in knowing the ease by which our hearts come together, we could build dams of discovery across the endless possibilities that we will uncover together.
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