Sunday, September 15, 2013


Lessons come in all shapes and forms. When you listen and accept you realize the beat of the rhythm that is made with every action and reaction. Some of these beats are outplayed move by move. but most occur naturally without choice. The lessons you are meant to learn will come, it is for you to put together your purpose and the core of what matters to you.

Lately so many lessons have been coming to me in the form of the people I invite into my days. Some times it is advice from friends that may be a little hard to swallow, other times it is the modest reply of a enticing and dangerous interaction, or one that seems eager to connect. The fact of the matter is I want to listen, I am being told it is time to change again.  I want to be ready for higher love and authorize all it's mischievous ways.

Learning to give myself the same time and generosity that I wish to share, I need not resist the movement of motions towards higher consciousness. Each aware human follows the path of evolution. You cannot learn the lessons you are needed to until they reach you. Until someone comes along at shows you that you want to be better then before, that that old act is getting old and no longer feels comfortable. The moment you realize that you want to explore what capacity you have in-store, no longer the reactions you know are behavioural and will hurt you in the long-run more. I am given these emotions for a reason, let me change frequency from digital to analogue and listen to the voice within.
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