Thursday, September 5, 2013


I know the smell of her. The way she lingers when I feel the pit of my stomach open when I see her relax. Every risk seems possible when I watch how beautiful she is. Flaws dripping down her back, us working together to make magic. Hiding behind stubbornness, I conquer a side of her that that slows for a minute to touch my skin and think of releasing control. A headache.
Fools of the heart will make the same sacrifices over and over, just to live with passion like Christ. I wonder if she thinks I am something special. What is it she is saying to me; hold me tenderly. I am shy but sometimes I let down my guard, despite what you may perceive of me. Lay your head on my pillow and don`t be afraid. I am here to open your positions, baby please stay. I can`t hold strong without your paper weight.
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