Friday, August 10, 2012

Secret Truth

From sadness come growth. From love comes forgiveness and forever. The loss of love is a renewal of what made you believe in love in the first place. The deepest desire to be close to someone you care for and protect them. To celebrate each others talents and wisdoms mutually. To allow them to grow in your gaze - but not be afraid of loosing them because what you have to offer is not enticing enough at the time. Love is a commitment to the simple fact that people may come and go, but the impact made by those moments shared with good intentions will never fade with time.

It is said that if a bird needs to fly, it is best to set it free.

A loss comes with sadness. A unexpected change that churns knives in your belly and makes you trigger the temptation of giving up. Don't give up. You are worth something that only you can measure within. Forgive your mistakes as long as they were not made of ego and not intended to damage the ones you love. Learn to be better at expressing yourself in love, frustration, depression and happiness. Never stop loving the ones you love, but let love be free as it is not to contain, but rather cherish.
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