Sunday, August 26, 2012

Moon Storm

Galileo spacecraft surveyed the moon on Dec. 7, 1992, on its way to explore the Jupiter system in 1995-1997.
The moon felt blinded by mistakes. She shone so bright and with all light of night, that once she forgot to be herself during the day. She did not burn so bright in daylight. By night she felt seduced by raw attraction, a love of her own at home. She came. Two lay bed cozy with hopes held dear. Hopes that seem to allow the moon to hold on to love with consequential benefit.

At night the moon shines the brightest amidst all the chaos's the daylight silhouettes on the noisy streets full of strange life. Moments of otherworldly recollections come to the moon sometimes. Perhaps the moon can feel the special earthlings like a session of cerebro. The potential of humans is amazing from above atmosphere, so much talent and chance for better. Growth. Some would say human have never been truly civilized. Slavery. Slaughter. Rape. Void. Ignorance. Greed. Exploitation. Selfish. Unaccountable. Not enough appreciation of the Earth with all natural richness. Hate. Surely the moon thought, this civilization too will come to pass. "Long after that I will still light the night. I wonder if she will come again?"

"The next time you see the moon, trace your finger along the terminator, the dividing line between lunar night and day. That's where the storm is. It's a long and skinny dust storm, stretching all the way from the north pole to the south pole, swirling across the surface, following the terminator as sunrise ceaselessly sweeps around the moon" - Nasa report on moon storms.

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