Monday, August 13, 2012

Devil's Advocate

You are worth nothing more than your mistakes. You are the reasons she walked away, you stupid fool. You never treated her right, she deserved so much more than you. Someone more secure in not wanting to love her so much, but balance other things that mattered. You didn’t even make love to her enough, and how could you not have seen how much she deserved to be loved? You’re useless. An incomplete and cheap example of someone worthy of love. You are slothful and greedy, and now karma has come for you to show you want you really are – nothing. Nothing now that you have lost the one thing that was given to you to cherish. Feel sick at night, cry your tears all day long until they bleed – it is your punishment for not being good enough, kind enough and most of all, smart enough to know what she really wanted. It was not you. Now burn in hell.
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