Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Familiar Spirit

I am a woman standing in honesty. I tell you how I feel. I tell you how I think it is. I make mistake but learn from each and every one, eventually. I have mad passion for what I love.

I sex you with my tongue and feel your curves muscles opening and my focus is to water your soul. I wanna turn you on so bad I can feel myself leaking thoughts. Feel me, feeling you inside me like an eel. Reaction and adaptation. Your kisses make me hard. I flip you on your stomach, trusting our instinct for each other you know I will never hurt you, only screw you. Your body moves my hips react and my legs widen. Your breasts in my small hands, circles of motion while I feel your femininity. Holy fuck you are beautiful.

"Le Philtre d'Amour" Evelyn De Morgan (1855–1919)
I am such a lucky woman, I must be blessed. After all I have you and you're all I need to get by. If you were to ever go away I think I would cry. You are the one I have been looking for all this time. My passion is ignite. You are so beautiful, did I tell you that? I just wanna take care of you the way you deserve, don't worry about money or anything. Life has never been easy to you, in fact you work hard, but I want to build a safe place to protect us from the outside. A home. Cats. At home we can talk about everything you want. I just want to connect with you inside and out. You can even piss me off and I will forgive you. Yes, I know I am moody and a brat. I know you would never hurt me nor I you. I respect you so much. You are art and talent. You inspire me each day with your energy. This all means so much to my life. I will always work with you to grow what we have.

Now it is your turn to say goodbye and take responsibility of your actions and choices. Selfish scattered fragmentation of a person I use to respect fall all over my brown skin like ashes of a burning bed. Many nights I lay like a sacrilegious dildo yearning for your familiar.You are nowhere to be seen or heard runaway lover. You are no longer revealing magic.

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