Saturday, May 31, 2008

Don't Hate, Zodiac Discriminate!

Hello my pretty readers. I wanted to share my newest fetish with the world. It is called "Zodiac Discrimination."
As those who are close to me have had the pleasure of experiencing, I have become quite obsessed with learning about the signs of the zodiac. I am not a superstitious person, nor am I someone who buys into bullshit.(Enjoyment of pop music does not count!!)
But no word of a lie, this shit is behavioural patterning and energy conditioning. A couple of my close friends have been my Ms. Cleos and taught me everything I need to know to begin this journey into healthy hateration!

So you must wonder, am I psychic? No. I am just able to recognize similar behavioural pattern among those who belong to the same sign. For example:

Cancers like myself orient themselves around feelings and can be emotionally driven even in intellect. They are hot in bed and they kiss like silk against your lips. We are crabs and when we feel offended, we are left open to the world and feel very exposed, so we hide. We can be inpatient and moody. We are overly sensitive and sometimes that blinds us from seeing the truth.

Leos. Oh gotta love them. Think Madonna honey! Fire signs, nothing can stand in there way. Their presence is undeniable and their hair often fierce. They are quick, intelligent and able to push through many difficult situations. They also can make fawk like gods! They are encouraging and generous to those they care for.

Virgos. Here is my connection pals. Many of my best friends are Virgos. They are the best people for the job. Their process is true towards being analytical and seeing things in an emotionally detached sort of manner. They are great advisers and wonderful listeners. They have problems expressing their feelings. Caring, and able to be free under the sheets.

Pisces. My water sisters and brothers. As sweet as pie. Can be loners and have a hard time expressing the feelings that are very present in their entities. They are lovely, full of passion and creativity. They are warm, fluid and can be shy. They make love, not war.

Aries. UGH....ya. You heard. UGH. Self-absorbed, selfish and very relentless about understanding their path, with very little regard for others. Passionate, but can be limited towards a time limitation. They are enticed by the new and exciting. They can make okay in the bedroom, but watch how they like to have themselves pleased! They are very body oriented.

Aquarius. Oh the awkward sweethings that they are! They are highly intelligent and able to bare a lot on their shoulders (hence they are the water bearers). They are fantastic about pushing a cause or belief, but find it hard to express all the personal things that they feel into words. They hide their feelings in order to appear cool. When they let down their guard, they can make love like a water sign!

Taurus. Bulls. Word. Don't mess with these biaches. They are tough, stubborn and will tell you how it is, or at least how they think it should be. They are loyal and protect the ones they care, though at times it maybe done aggressively. Great times, good people. They rip it up in the sheets!

Geminis. Two much fun! Damn these are some complicated folks. They often battle nothing more than themselves. They are wise, aware and try to push themselves to the limit in expression. They often have a hectic pace to their lives for that is what makes them feel alive. Very aware, but not necessarily aware of how to take care of themselves.

Sagittarius. Give it up for the horse people. Level headed, smooth talking and fun to be around, They are good listeners and have sex like there is going to be a famine. Freedom is key to these pretty people and they do not perform well under control circumstances. They must have room to breath.

Capricorns. They are responsible, patient and resourceful. They can sometimes limit their imagination and come off dry. Hopefully they ain't dry in the sheets!

Libras. The diplomat. They can either be idealistic, or jaded based on experiences. They can be vein at times, but can always be dependable as a friend and advisor. Can seem awkward and be lazy. They like to live upscale and with class. Can be undynamic in bed. Boo.

Scorpio. The one with the sting. Damn funny and passionate about life. They are observant and can smell BS from a mile. They can however be jealous, possessive and manipulative if they feel it necessary. They are independent and do not require a man's touch! They can make sexy times into good times. Very extreme, full of contradictions.

There is my little insight of opinions on the nature of the zodiac signs. What do you think? Remember, I am not trying to offend anyone, I am just saying--sometimes the truth is just that. So start paying attention to those around you and come play this zodiac game with me!
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