Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Moon's Light

The evening has come to greet me to remind me that there will come another morning.
I manifest the moon within my breast and she reminds me that I must nurture my soul and follow the vines of my growth.
I dream of the day of seeing a small little hand in mine. Her beautiful and open mind I will rest gently over my lap and I shall caress her with the shadow of my endless love. My child. I will be her Mother, her wisdom guide and her spiritual light.
I think of a time when I was so scared that I could not move beyond the lack of oxygen that parulized my lungs into forgetting how to breathe in gravitation. In pattern. In and out. Rotation. Grounded. Relaxed.
I fight for peace after revolution within craters of my mind. My mind can be a grey space/place and I never know what may lay in each crevice/curve. I continue along my way with little knowledge for anything but using my mind and always reminding myself to take the time. Take it slow, I must know. I leave not one area undiscovered, I hold on to my people, my faith, my religion, my eminency to be more than just an ordinary woman.
The heavens were not created over night. Nor would there be any sunshine without the reflection of the moonlight. Nor can I supple the wisdom of my breasts without tasting my own bitterness and disappointment.
I am whole. I am one. I am full of so much love and I just can’t find a way to express myself to make it appear within the image of the moon’s beautiful grace, her unforgettable face.
So I create instead and hope for a world full of lovers, not fighters. Philosophers, not politicians. Music, not bombs. Creators, not destroyers. Energy, not bodies. Faces, not races. Water, not blood. Places for all to call a safe home.
I lay beneath the moonlight and I think what a lovely world that would be.
I harbour the strength to make this change inside of me.
la luna lucida luminoso per rivelare la mia travestimento di amore.
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