Sunday, May 4, 2008

...Going UP

I stood there and looked at the drunken white chicks pile onto the elevator.
I was sober, mainly chilling from a night of hitting down my booty on the dancefloor. I could still feel the freedom of my feet and I continued to tap my foot on the ground to the sound of my own beat.

I always look forward to encounters with a pack of white chicks for they never seem to disappoint me in wanting to shake my head.
This night would certainly not disappoint.

Going up!

One white chick said in reference to a girl they had just seen, "That girl was totally a hot tranny mess."
The other replied, "she was so not fierce. So not fierce."

I bite my tongue. I held onto my laughter and hid behind my tough lesbian, stylish exterior, how lame they sounding talking like twinks.
Amusement and judgement gargled in my throat.
I had never felt so tempted to want to slap white girls for being so ignorant and such shameless and perpetual thieves of gay culture.

You take our music, you take our style, do you have to take our gay culture too?
Will they ever think of anything original or will they always try to be you??!!
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