Friday, May 30, 2008


She is the gentle hand that lifts you from the depths of sorrow—the sorrow you can feel only through the loss of her alone. She walks into your heart and she never turns her back until darkness pushes you to eclipse her from your heart. She is pure at hand and does not ask why. She stands at your side through highs and lows and refuses to ever let you go. When times are rough she blows at the winds of sand and reminds you to build a castle of your ever-present path. When you are captive to her trance she blinds you by transforming the sand in your eyes to glass. Once the sharp pain subsides and you settle your inner chaos she echoes the sight that you should not abandon the love that you have.

She is the only reason to life, she is the only reason to feel as though you have died. She allows you to imagine a universe that is much more civilazed than our own, in which people live to be kind. An alternative time where it is not about possessions, there is no hunger, for she does not allow us creatures to turn a blind eye and abandon our brothers and sisters. In this imaginable place, she would allow us to hear eachothers heartbeats. She will remind us that one day this will all make sense. Joy is equal to pain. There is nothing left to loose when you have nothing more to gain. The violence of love’s pain.

There is no tomorrow unless you remember today, there is no yesterday if you do not respect the lesson learned tomorrow. Love is the only reason to believe in a higher power, the only reason to hold on to your faith, wrap yourself within the insulation of persuing the truth. Imagine a beautiful world full of peace and toleration, not ignornace and the inability to see that there is more to living your life than just becoming obsessed with the personal obstcles that are surrounded by illusion. Money is not happiness, neither is the rich the least poor. Love is worth less than anything, for it has no measurable worth. She is everywhere. She can lay at your side at night and you stare you right in the eyes that will cause you so much pain that you will feel like you will never be the same again. She can make you fall to your knees with such surrender to knowing what it is that you feel.

Love. Devtion. Feeling blazing emotions.
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