Sunday, May 4, 2008

La Bonita

The first time I saw her face I knew that she was someone special.
I saw the delicateness of her smile, the fashionable way in which she carried herself so differently from the other girls.
Her eyes were electrifying and sent a bolt of energy to my mind which had felt so unamused for sometime.

At first she was shy. I could not look at her as I thought if I did she would catch how entranced I felt by her mere presence.
She was regal and strong. I could sense it off her, the way she stood, the way in which she moved. She way that she looked without fear and did not show any signs of backing down.

I sat and let it marinate on the grill of my mind, which led me to run away from wanting anything but getting to know her. What a most unpredictable way to be free when you never know that what you feel will lead you to be anything that you want to be.

Beautiful. She does not even know how much she deserves.
If I could take away the confusion, I would. If I could lead her to a place and show her that I desired to have a good time with her alone. If she only knew.

I want to kiss you.
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