Tuesday, May 13, 2008



You know that I want you.
I can see that you want me to.
Tell me your fantasies.
Let me tremble at the craving of your ripe breasts filling the hollowness in my anxious mouth.
How would you like me to twist the desires of your body’s communications between my thighs?
What is it that you have to say to me, sweet baby?

Open yourself to me.
Let me slide into the walls of your pink insides, penetrate you from behind.
I will unfold to you the mystery of what it is to be a lover and a fucker.

Close your eyes, count from 100 down.
Beautiful lady, come with me and let me drink your sweet wine.
I want to set you off and make you feel so good, you will want to scream with ecstatic possession.
Beg me for more and more, until you have no more words left to pour.

Cross your legs and think of me working my magic on the tapestry of your remarkable vessel.
Push you closer, push myself into your deviant mind.
Let me undress you, body and soul.
Relax, release your charms across my soft lips.

I know you want this.
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