Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Okay, okay. Love them or hate them, they are damn catchy and they finished there World Tour yesterday in Toronto. Of course as I predicted alongside the rest of the world, the entire 2008 tour was no completed. Obviously this was never gonna happen with the longtime feud between the two strong personalities in the group (Ginger Vs. Scary). Personally these two have always been my faves. Unlike the rest of the world who seem to be very fascinated with anorexic-Posh Spice, I always thought that Useless Spice was a more appropriate title for her. UGH. She has no voice and no rhythm. Useless I say!

Obviously the Spice Girls are by no means musical genius, but they knew how to commodify and sell their image. That is in the spirit of true popstars. I admit it, in high-school my friend bought me a Scary Spice doll, which I still have and will now pass on to my child. LUCKY CHILD! I wore big platforms and bought a Union-Jack shirt. Though unlike YOU posers, I am a real Brit! Fun pop is what the Spice Girls will be remembered for and the spirit of the created GIRL POWER concept.

According to many studies, the Spice Girls will be remembered as fashion and image icons and a massive musical phenomenon of the 20th century. So whether you despise them or you know the entire choreography for the “Wannabe” video, we can’t deny how much of an impact these gals have had on popular culture.


Think people…profound!

All I can say, in the spirit of cheese and fun, I will miss you Spicies! TG LOVES YOU!!! Those who are judging me, eat my ass.

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