Friday, February 22, 2008


So my boss gave me the coolest opportunity. She let me help her write a script for a video we are producing for Cisco Systems! Cisco is a major player in corporate world and was recently rated the #6 best employer in Macleans Magazine.

So you can imagine my excitement and fear when she asked me to contribute!! Our joint writing effort will appear on a Cisco environmental awareness video in the near future. We are also producing this video from top to bottom. It is very cool to get a behind the scenes perspective of all the energy and time it takes to get a production together.

It is nice to have someone believe in your skills. I am always appreciative to those who see my eagerness and love of writing. Katherine has spotted this in me, and wants to give me the opportunity to do script writing for my company! The world of production is new to me, but I am loving each moment, each challenge and each learning experience. Katherine is a great mentor and teacher.

I am excited!! YAY! Maybe one day I will be the mastermind behind a winning production. (0:
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