Sunday, February 17, 2008


The planet invited me to relax upon the perimeter of its surface, welcoming me like an open mouth of a grave.
Here, upon the planet was once where I rested my head, I closed my eyes and dreamed of foreign galaxies, stars passing through atmospheric horizons, natural phenomenon’s within my reach.
Big bang. Explosion. Black space.

The planet is nearly completely destroyed. The pieces of what it was, the sustainer of life when I rested upon its shell, are fragmented into shiny floating particles.
Now these reflective particles only mirror back to me, my world becoming erased.
Displaced heavenly body.
Spinning off its axis, no rotational pull.
Swallowed by a vacuum. A black hole. No gravity to gain balance.
On-lookers find it hard to even conceive it was once inhabited.
No trace of life remains.
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