Thursday, February 21, 2008

Floods are NO FUN!

The city is apparently in a state of panic, there are fires burning and there are floods in many old buildings and houses. Everyone is booked. Production Assistant must find a solution.

I call one, another, leave 10 messages. Finally human contact. They come in. "This is a big problem," they say. Thanks we didn’t figure that out?!

My boss is the coolest, most together, hard working woman around. She wipes her brow and keeps her cool. I want to cry for her. But Production Assistant is not allowed to cry, unless the Producer/Director gives her the go ahead (0:

One hundred industrial fans are brought in, one million strange men come in and march through with there dirty shoes and logistical minds. Cracks in the foundation of the beautiful house. Like a menstrual flow, it keeps on leaking. Steady flow. Maybe I could stick a tampon into the leaky zones? Maybe not.

Thousands of dollars already gone to finding the source of this leak. Hundreds and thousands of dollars worth of editing equipment sits in the basement edit suite. We will not let it fall pray to this evil water.

Wish us luck.
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